Right Now is The Time to Get in Shape

By: Dan Gazaway

We live in a world full of obese people. That is really no surprise to most of us. With the obesity rate on the rise there is no doubt that America is facing an obesity epidemic. Most of the super obese know it is a true problem and they are definitely a part of it. The super obese, at least many of them, truly wish they can control some of their cravings for food. What are we doing as Americans to control this issue? Why arent more people involved in trying to solve this problem? It all starts with you.
It seems that Americans are getting fatter by the minute. There is so much more access to calorie rich foods and sugars that are causing this problem. Many Americans know they overeat, yet they are not willing to do what it takes to take care of their problem. They are the problem and most of us know better. Most people know what they need to do to overcome their addictions to food but they are not willing to give it up.
Many people know what they must do to maintain their health. Most people are not inclined to workout everyday until something catastrophic happens to their health. Some people, even after repeated conversations about medical conditions from their doctors, ignore the advice of medical professionals and they slip back into their daily habits or inactivity and overeating.
What can we do to stop this obesity epidemic? Individually and collectively we can start making a difference. However, it does start with you. Are you the root of the problem? Do you overeat? How many times do you exercise on any given week? If you are part of the problem I would suggest you make some drastic changes to your behaviors that are keeping you overweight. You can do it. Do it for yourself, not just because of the epidemic.
My recommendation to everyone right now is to win the fight of obesity. Overcome the addictions that are holding so many Americans bound from enjoying a life of true freedom; a life full of happiness and confidence. I am convinced that many of Americans problems would be solved if we took care of our physical selves and treated our bodies like temples.

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Dan Gazaway and Nate Barnett own and operate the Pitching Academy. Their mission is to reach thousands of athletes to help them learn pitching mechanics and become more healthy in the process.

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