Rich Jerk: - At the Very Beginning in Part One

By: ramrocks

This is my story of my early days into the internet marketing industry and how I felt and what emotions drove me and also what worries paralyzed me into not taking the correct actions and leading me to unproductive activities.

At the very start of your internet marketing venture your heart is filled with expectation and logging for success, you find it hard to sleep, hard to take your mind of building and empire on the net. You already know that the Internet is the next biggest thing, the easiest medium of communication between humans and also in the next coming generations the best place to make money. You know that if you don't start now as the early gold miners did you might miss the boat and end up being one of those people that said on their dying bed “I wish I did that…”.

By far the hardest step was when I was in the office and thought, I don't want to do this forever, looking 10 year into the future, I'll be at my Manager's position, I look at him and I frown when I realize that that will be the man I will be in 10 years if I continue what I am doing now. That very thought drove me to look for opportunities online, then I stumbled on a few survey sites promising good money, which naturally didn't deliver as much as I expected, I looked at doing Ebay sales however since I was stuck in the office I couldn't be delivering items or having a warehouse. The only option that seemed viable at the time was to start websites and be a webmaster.

My searches brought me Rich Jerk and his controversial EBook about earning millions online. Naturally this rang a huge bell in my head. I could be my own boss, I could finally see myself driving my dream Bentley, I could see all the beautiful girls surrounding me hoping for a piece of my bling-bling pie. I liked it and he seemed like a very straightforward fellow, so that really helped my hand to click on the “buy NOW!” button to hand over some dosh to start this new thing of mine. Everybody likes starting new things, especially when you're in a boring job like mine. It was as good as a ray of light in my mundane life. A change to do something different and a chance to get out of my lousy situation and do something great for myself.

Fast forward one month, I had bought another EBook from Holly Mann and put together a sound strategy to make me some good money on the Internet. 1 site was on the internet for 2 weeks and I was starting another one which will cater for a more popular keyword and hopefully make me double what I'm getting on Adsense from my http://www.100earningtips.comwebsite. I was earning $3 from the site daily on Adsense and I could see great thing for the future with my next site project.
I did however fall into one bad habit that took a lot of my energy and didn't contribute to the growth of my site. I was so excited about my earnings that I checked my Adsense account almost every hour. At the very beginning I would even log-on to see my earnings when I took a leak at night. Don't do this, it really stresses you out for not gain. Try to limit yourself to checking your earnings once a day at most and spend the rest of the time doing more productive things like improving your site or creating publicity for your site!

At the end of the first month I was really quite happy, the initial investments to buy the 2 ebooks, one from Rich Jerk and another from Holly Mann was well worth it as it created a second income for me and after say 6 months, I could at least equal my earnings of my job which would then literally set me free to do what I wanted when I wanted and be 1 step closer to getting my Bentley and women!

Next article I will go into the first crucial steps I did to get my Internet Marketing ball rolling along with some mistakes that I made which I will share with you so you don't fall into them too.

The most important step is naturally to analyze your current situation and compare it to the future that you want and if they don't line-up together very well, you better do something about it. I think Internet Marketing is the next huge thing and based on the response I get from my first try, I'm quite sure that I made the right decisions in buying the books and start my Internet Marketing venture.

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