Rewire Your Hard Drive with The One Command

By: Asara Lovejoy

What would you say if I told you it was possible to not only retrain your brain but to change the actual physical neurology of your body as well? How about replacing the blueprint for health that has produced an overweight, overtired, overstressed you, for a slim, strong, vibrant you?
We are all were masters at creating. We just usually focus on creating by focusing on our fears, problems and losses. Not focusing on what we really want places them out of focus and allows us to get off track.
There is more than one way to change what we think about. We can simply STOP it, we can meditate a change, we can receive therapy, or we can enter the theta brain to change our way of thinking. Using the Theta Brain Wave, our brains become receptive and we can absorb information, wants and needs easily.
We can actually create new lives for ourselves, no matter what appears to be reality on the outside. We can decide not to agree with the accepted 'reality' and set ourselves apart from it, create time in a bottle, and also change our molecules. We can access that greater parts of us, and gather all the information in the world in order to create anew.
There are easy ways and difficult ways to get that higher level. Going to theta is the most straightforward. We can train for years to get there, or through The One Command, we can simply close our eyes, follow the light up through the top of our heads and out into space, letting our eyes roll toward our foreheads and feel the shift to theta. In this space, this theta level, we are in the subtle fields of energy, harmonizing with all that is. This is a physical event, a kinesthetic anchor at a neurological level.
It is within the Theta state that we can make and execute our commands to receive the results we want immediately. If you were able to create health, cash or great relationships, what would it be like? How would you act differently if you received the things you want rather than having to work so hard and still fall short? Truly think about that for a minute.
Our Theta state is our place we can achieve what we truly want. It is our greatest capacity that we have while in Theta. We can actually replace all the harmful negative feelings like fears, hurts, and unforgiveness while in Theta with joy and openness to change. We can rewrite our lives through the use of Theta and we are all actually already masters.
What do you want to be part of your life? No matter what you want, using your 9 billion neuronet processors, in a state of extraordinary consciousness, you can achieve using one command, one time. Doing so you allow your body and mind to unwind, replacing the old with a new you that you desire.

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Asara Lovejoy is a recognized expert in accessing the untapped potential of the brain. Learn to manifest wealth and whatever else you want out of life. For more information on Asara's techniques for using the theta brain wave state to bring prosperity and fulfillment into your life, to get her free newsletter and to learn about classes in your area, visit The One Command website now.

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