Review of Beating Adwords: The latest guide to adwords affiliate success

By: Michael Berenson

Beating Adwords is an extra of numerous ebooks bragging to be the final guide you will ever seek to lead adwords as well as added ppc marketing networks and and be converted into the best PPC affiliate seller ever. Visibly this is the say of numerous other make cash ebooks, obtainable available for sale, so obviously it is crucial to move toward this type of product with vigilance and do your research.
I purchased Beating Adwords to see if it can in truth contend amid a quantity of the other "make money with adwords" books at present available. I quickly learned this book was at minimum up to standard with the existing google adwords condition. Anybody who has been marketing on google adwords knows how google recently implemented a great deal of changes to the full adwords system, including new guidelines and an updated quality score system. These changes were implemented to enrich the value of results being delivered through the adwords system, meaning higher value advertisements could be displayed at a greatly reduced fee to the advertiser, and while ads that are not up to standard with quality standards can still be displayed, the advertisers are required to pay a lot elevated prices before their advertisements are served. The upgrades have meant that many of the older ways of profiting with google adwords are no longer suitable. Beating Adwords has credibility as a genuine money making manual because it is up to date with modern systems.
One of the key sections describes what adwords advertisers like to refer to as the "Google Slap." The Google Slap describes one of the main changes to the adwords quality score. The quality score is based on your click through rate, your keyword selection, your landing page content, and past adwords account action. Some advertisers have noticed that if their quality score for any particular ad they are are running drops below a particular level, Google automatically raises their minimum bid to a very high level, sometimes as high as $10 per click. This is the Google Slap. Google is saying you don't have to provide quality, but if you do not, then be equipped to pay up.

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Beating adwords is positively a high quality product, and what I like is the authors were honest about their product. They never said the guide will make you rich, but rather grant you the tools and information to profit dependably from your adwords campaigns, and while these tools will not make you rich, they will give you the tools for you to help make yourself rich. There are further things for you to learn about making money from the internet, so visit Beating Adwords now.

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