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By: Gen Wright

Zus2o, the flagship product in the Zus Health System, is one the newest entrants into the health supplements niche. It is also one that has been causing a lot of ripples, seeing that it is a unique supplement. It is unique in that, rather than promising to give it users things they lack in their bodies, it promises to help them get rid of things they have too much of in their bodies, and things that are likely to be harmful to them in the long run if not expelled.
The things in question, which Zus2o promises to help its users get rid of, are heavy metal deposits and other toxins. We know that we are already taking into our bodies too much of those (heavy metals) that our bodies can bear. And we know what the end results of heavy metal and other toxin accumulation in the body tend to be: from cancers to 'strange conditions' that are often untreatable. So Zus2o, a Zeolite supplement, promises to help its users by ridding their bodies of these heavy metals and other toxins, making way for wholesome long term health.

Working mechanism
Zus2o is, as mentioned earlier, a Zeolite supplement. It works by electrically attracting the said heavy metal molecules, trapping them, and then leading them out of the body (via the excretory system). This leaves the users in prime physical condition; free from the worrisome conditions the continued accommodation of the heavy metals and toxins would have, almost inevitably, had in their bodies. The electrical attraction becomes possible, thanks mainly to the fact that Zeolite is negatively charged; whereas the toxins tend to be positively charged - leading to electrostatic attraction. Once the heavy metal and toxin atoms get attracted to Zeolite, they are not in luck; because they end up being trapped, and transported out of the body through the excretory system.

Zeolite is the main ingredient in Zus2o. For the more chemically inclined, the specific molecules of Zeolite that go into Zus2o's making include those of the variety known as Chabazite, as well as Heulandite and Clinoptilolite.

1. Efficacy: Zus2o has quite unquestionable efficacy at what it does: ridding the body of heavy metals and toxins. As we all know, not all supplements deliver on what they promise. Zus2o is one of the few that actually do.
2. Cost: In spite of being a supplement made from rather hard to find ingredients, and in spite of being a supplement with virtually no competition at what it does, Zus2o is still a relatively affordable supplement. You can get it for as little as $69.95 a package.

1. The complex sounding chemical names of the ingredients that go into Zus2o's making can be scary to some potential buyers - in spite of these being absolutely natural substances that work through a completely natural process, to rid the body of toxins. If you are a network marketer distributing Zus2o, it becomes essential for you to reassure potential users who may have concerns about this.
2. The fact that the benefits from Zus2o usage are long term benefits (and for the most part, not ones that you see immediately) can be something of a concern to those of us who need instant gratification to feel that we have spent our money right.

In the final analysis, there is no denying that Zus2o is a truly useful supplement; one that can keep you from a lot of trouble you would have suffered at later date. It definitely comes across as a good investment, for any one who cares about their long term well being.

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Zus Health is bringing the Zus2o Zeolite Powerful Detox product to the general public and is offering network marketing opportunities. The products that Zus Health offers are very pure, safe and effective, which is important during a proper detoxification process.

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