Review: The Best Acne Treatment Cream

By: Abigail Mckenzee

Acne is a widespread problem among adolescents and young adults. Even though most acne is not severe, it can be bothersome and lead to self-esteem problems. So, it is no surprise that there is an ongoing search for the best acne medicine out there.

Acne solutions are everywhere. Each skin care line offers its own unique acne remedy. In this article, we will take a look at two products to see which is the best acne cream.

Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency Gel Lotion and Bioskinclear are the two acne products we will review.

Acne Solutions Emergency Gel Lotion by Clinique

Thanks to the benzoyl peroxide it contains, this lotion helps clear up stubborn, recurring pimples and blemishes. It also alleges to unclog pores, reduce redness and control the production of sebum.

The Good:

Reports have stated that results are quite fast and can even be seen within a couple of days.

The Bad:

This lotion does not have sunscreen. Testimonials claim that it can cause irritation, burning and tightness. They have also reported that the product loses its effectiveness after a few months and that it can lead to blotchy skin.

The Bottom Line:

This product does count on a loyal fan base. However, reports stating its side effects and loss of effectiveness constitute two very important strikes against it. Take these points into consideration before purchasing it.


Bioskinclean is an acne treatment cream that bases its composition on the unique addition of snail serum. This product is and oil free gel that can be used for rosacea, acne, scars and for people with seborrhea. It claims to remove dead skin cells, boost the production of water binding molecules and signal the immune system to moderate inflammatory reactions.

The Good:

Because this product contains natural ingredients, it is suitable for every skin type. It does not produce problems such as irritation, discoloration or tightness that are linked to other, harsh skin care products. In fact, it mitigates all of these problems.

The Bad:

This product is basically 100% natural. Because of this, the time it takes to produce definite results can vary greatly from one person to the next.

The Bottom Line:

This product also has its loyal consumers. As it has a natural composition, it can be used by anyone no matter their skin problem. If your problem is not waiting for results, this product could be a great choice for you.

As with all acne cream brands, these products have their pros and cons. However, in the opinion of this author, all natural products will always be more beneficial that skin care products that are loaded with harsh chemicals.

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Acne skin care is a concern for so many people that it is always a good idea to weigh your options before making any purchases. Bio skin care products, like Bioskinclear, are designed to be gentle yet effect on your skin. So, choose natural skin care products and avoid skin problems such as accutane side effects.

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