Resistant Candida Is A Problem That Can Be Solved Easily

By: Jason King..

Seventy Five percent of women suffer from a yeast infection at one time in their life. The Candida Albicans yeast that is the start of an infection lives in the human body all the time, and this is why a yeast infection is so difficult to cure for a lot of women.
Recurrent yeast infections effect five percent of women, and this forces them to keep using the same treatments time and time again, but they don't realize that their infection is becoming resistant to the drugs. Usually the creams and oral anti fungal drugs give relief while they are being use only for the yeast infection to return. Using more anti fungal creams just makes the fungus even more resistant.
If you're using more cream in the hope that it will cure your infection, it won't. Using more over the counter yeast cream will just make the yeast stronger. When the creams don't work on their own, some resistant yeast infection sufferers start using oral anti fungal drugs as well. This is the quickest way to create a super fungus that is very difficult to kill.
Just because you're making a cocktail of anti fungal drugs doesn't mean you're creating super cure that will cure all yeast infections. Once you've killed the fungus your body has to naturally prevent the yeast from mutating into more infecting causing fungus. If your body can't do this then you'll get another infection straight away. Just killing the fungus is no good.
Your body has a level of beneficial bacteria that keeps the Candida yeast under control. When these get low it has an easy time multiplying and then mutating. Once you have your levels of beneficial bacteria back up to full strength your body will start fighting of the infection naturally.
Your body's next level of natural defense is your immune system, and this also needs to be strong so your body can fight of infections without the need for any drugs. A healthy diet that is filled with nutrition and is low in sugar will help strengthen your body against yeast infections. Diets high in sugar have no nutritional value, and they also feed fungus.
Once your body's internal strength is back to normal you'll put an end to your resistant Candida infections. You're at the point where no anti fungal drug can cure you because they just make your infection worse. Your body has the ability, and is equipped with everything you need to treat your infection.

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