Replace Your Gas Boiler.

By: Susan Sportman

Homeowners tend to neglect their boiler as it is located in an area which we do not use. Out of site and out of mind. And we don't bother with the boiler as long as it is working. It's only when it stops working that we give it a moments thought. No that it has stopped working you've got some choices to make. Should I get a boiler repair or should I get a boiler replacement? Well, that depends on a number of factors but the age of the boiler is an important consideration.

Here are the 5 good reasons why you should replace your old gas boiler:
1. Save money on gas bills. If you want to cut down on your fuel bills and at the same time improve the energy efficiency of home, then replace your gas boiler with a new one. Yes, it's true that installing a replacement boiler is an expensive undertaking, however you will recoup the money spent on the reductions in your gas bills in the long term. Installing a new boiler could save you as much as 20% on fuel bills.

2. New boilers are safer than old boilers. All boilers are generally safe but new boilers are safer. As time marches forward, taxes get higher, people get meaner, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and technology gets better. Safety is a key feature in boiler design and the most modern boilers are the safest ever. The best new boilers are designed with fail safe systems and shut off valves to prevent catastrophic failures. But to make extra sure, you should always get an annual gas boiler service.

3. Dependability and reliablity. As it ‘grows old’ your boiler will become less reliable. You can prolong it's life with regular maintenance and servicing. But if it's over 12 years old, it's probably time to bite the bullet and get it replaced. Because constant repairs are a very expensive business.

4. Space and house design. You may find that if you have an old fashioned boiler it takes up a lot of space. New boilers are small and sleek. You may find that you can install a combination boiler. This will mean you can remove your hot water cylinder and free up an entire cupboard!

5. Help the environment. In most circumstances, it's now illegal to install anything other than an 'A' rated boiler. The efficiency of boilers is governed by the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK (SEDBUK). An 'A' rated boiler is at least burns gas with 86% efficiency. Get one!

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2. 4C'S LTD.

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I have spent a lot of my time working for a company called Gas Heating Repair London and I have seen some pretty sites and some not so pretty sites. Over the years I have realised that there is a lot can be done to avoid calling a plumber or gas engineer out.

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