Renting A Storage Unit: Things To Know And Mistakes To Avoid

By: Mike Shin

We are all guilty of having too many things in our home, not everyone is blessed with having extra storage space at home. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw away your things. In fact, there are many people who look into renting storage units Perth. These storage units allow you to keep all your things while at the same time keeping the clutter at a minimum at home.

If you’re considering self storage Perth options, it is normal to feel a little unsure of that decision. Keeping your things locked up away from your house is a little scary, but if you find the right place your possessions will stay safe. To ease you into the world of storage units, consider using these handy tips:

1. Not All Storage Unit Rentals Are The Same

It doesn’t matter if they are owned by the same company; there are differences between every rental space. It could be the weather, the location where it is situated (prone to floods, heavy snow, rains, etc.), cleanliness, customer service, temperature control, security, and so much more. Do your research to find a storage unit in an optimum location that is best for your belongings safety and security.

2. Wrap It Up

Your things that are prone to getting water damaged should be wrapped in something waterproof. Make them a priority and if you have any wrapping left over also consider wrapping what else is left. Keep your things safe from water damage, dust, and other potentially harmful things because storage units usually do not cover damages.

3. Keep It Raised

Another way to ensure that your things do not get damaged while being kept inside storage units Perth is to keep them away from the ground. If you can manage to keep them elevated while also wrapped this ensures less damage when you finally decide to bring your things out of storage. Take note that some areas are prone to weather related disasters, if a storage unit rental is within that area, stay clear as it increases the risk of your things getting damaged.

4. Choose A Heavy-Duty Small Lock

Although there is security watching the storage unit facility they cannot keep an eye on your unit 24 hours a day. Robbers are tempted to get their hands on what they can and the best way to prevent theft is by using a small but heavy-duty lock. If it is small enough, there won’t be room for bolt cutters to get to which means thieves can’t get to your things.

5. Label Boxes

It is easy to forget about you belongings that you’ve put into storage. Putting labels and being specific on those tags helps you sort through these things in the future. It may seem like a hassle right now, but your future self will thank you for taking the extra step to stay organized.

Find the right self storage Perth option today and keep your home clutter free without getting rid of your things. It is easier than you would have thought and the move is definitely manageable.

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