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Property like always has been an important source to support life in any form. It supports life not only in the direct form but also in the indirect form. The direct form of the property would include property consumption as residential usage in form of houses, apartments, floors, villas and various other structures that are employed in the form used to living. The next form is the commercial usage, which is used for carrying any trade in form of warehouse, trade, office purposes and other forms that can be used with the motive to earn profits. However to perform all the above tasks one needs to posses land or the property. With the increasing rates and the time of recession has prevented people to consider huge investments or even any investment in property or otherwise. Hence there is an alternative proposed by the experts or people with the space in form of property called as Rent. To is now an alternative that everyone who needs the property being considered in across various fields.

These fields extent themselves from the residential to the commercial form, and to do so one can contact various property brokers and agents that are in the market with the expertise helping the clients find the right property for their needs. They also specials in dealing with the renting contracts, these contracts range from a yearly base to the bi annually based. While renting the house with the owner, the client needs to fix various rules and regulations that abide the renter in the course of stay with them. These norms may range from the usage of the property like not nailing on the walls, painting and paying for the damage created by the renter during the stay in the property. Restrictions of parties and other things that may harm the rights of the owner or the property while it is being rented to the renter in the due course of time of stay in the property. While these are the rules that abide the residential property there are4 different rules that abide the commercial property, while renting a commercial property the renter faces a contact that is typically only for an year which can be considered to extent after the completion of an year. Various rules and regulations that may imply to the commercial property are, in course of ceiling or any other problem related to business creating problem to the property would be handled by the proprietor. As on leaving the property the paint and the other repair charges are owned by the renter and among various others rules that the owner and the renter can think of while they get into they contact with each other during renting of the property.

To make the contacting even more smoother there are various agents and brokers that have appeared in the market helping the easy transactions of the property on rent and are aware about the contracts that exists between them while the parties get into relating for property between each other. Another factor that one might keep in mind is the advance that the owner demands in the course of renting to make sure that any harm caused to the property is recovered from the advance, which is usually an amount resulting to the two months of the rent. Keeping all these regulations no doubt the rent of property in India has created and bless to the people who cannot buy the property and help them serve all the purpose that they would want with out paying a huge amount that cannot be afforded.

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