Renovate A Single Room And Give It A Focal Point

By: Rick Skew

Every normal looking room in your home can become a pleasurable space to walk in to by simply adding a focal point. A focal point can lift and cheer up a room if itís carried out the proper way.

Every ordinary looking space in your property can be developed into a pleasurable space to walk into by simply adding a focal point. A focal point can lift and improve a space if itís carried out the correct way. Here's a few ideas for people to read which I hope may help them on their way to making that focal point along with creating a home where they will be happy to welcome friends, family and visitors in to, knowing they have done everything by themselves.

A beautiful, well decorated room can fail if there is no focal point. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, make the most of it. Even when it is a mock fireplace and doesnít work, give it significance and charm with fire irons and a pile of wood in the grate.

Outlook can often be a great focal point. If you have a fantastic country view or one of the rare skyline views of the city, organize your furniture so the windows turn out to be the centre of eye interest. When you have neither fireplace or view, you will need to make your own personal focal point in the room.

Choose the best suited and convenient wall, Focal Point it so the rest of the room is pulled towards it. For example, an attractive tapestry with antique wall lights at either side instantly draws eye interest. A sofa and a group of chairs set underneath it indicate, this is the central point. Exactly the same applies to one large painting, a group of paintings, a wall of books, an enormous shelf arrangement filled up with collector's items. A grand piano also makes a good focal point, so does a mirrored wall, a sofa with end tables and two imposing lamps, or an extended, narrow chest arrangement containing books and collectors items.

Arranging Furniture:
When grouping furniture ensure you are able to view the grouping from any part of your room and get as much pleasure from it as you would a picture on your wall. This is particularly important if you have more than one group arrangement. View it from all angles and opposite sides of your room to check that it looks neither muddled or messy.

1.Group chairs and sofa's so that traffic goes around and never through the arrangement.
2.Keep chairs reasonably close together for simple conservation and to avoid shouting from across the room.
3. If you have lamps far away from walls, install floor outlets to prevent tripping over lamp chords.
4.Select tables which are roughly the same height as sofa and chairs to avoid spills and upset lamps.
5.Strike the perfect balance by separating large pieces of furniture so that the room will not look too heavy at one end.
6.Remember light, slim furniture creates an optical illusion of room.

Every room needs a centre of gravity to drag it together. A fire is the most natural one, but wall treatments, windows and furniture arrangements may be very nearly as eye catching.

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An incredible period of my time is spent in my garden. One of the jobs I enjoy a lot is carrying out renovation work. I find it helps me to unwind and forget everything, apart from the work I am doing.

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