Renewable energy source

By: markus highland

It's no abstruse that our current methods of using fossil fuels for puissance is harmful to the environment. Not only that but we are actually running out of fossil fuels and if we keep consuming puissance at our current rate without replacing fossil fuels with a more renewable source we will run out within the next 45 years and have no energy at all!
Of course, the hope is that we will soon have more sustainable methods of producing energy which are not harmful to the environment but until then you can help the environment, as well as your bank account, by practicing energy conservation.
We live in a society where we want the best of everything and we want it now. Unlike a age group ago, we don't think of conserving energy. But perhaps we should. We need to save the earth
Im not suggesting that you turn off all your lights, throw out your stove and buy a cow, but conserving a Lilliputian bit can go a long way and if we all did it, it would really add up and would not only ease the consumption of fossil fuels but also reduce environmental pollution.
Two thing's you can do to bulwark energy is to unplug those appliances that you aren't using all the time. Your chargers, digital cameras, even your televisions and VCRs rosters should be unplugged at night. These actually consume energy even when they're off as some are kept in "stand by" mode or have LEDs that are frequently using energy. The same goes for your Dell computers, don't just leave them in sleep mode turned them all the way when you go to bed at night.
You can do is get a programmable heatsinc . Experts say that the most efficient way to use it is to have it at 63 or less during the day when you are home, and 51 when you are sleeping at night and when you are not at home. must Having a programmable thermoregulator and programming it as such will ensure that you don't go above these temperatures and can go a long way in reducing your oil or hydrogen consumption.
Way I Appliances can be another area where you can bulwark energy. Be sure your refrigerator is set between 38 and 42F and your freezer between zero and 5F. Don't preheat your oven and only use your dishwasher when it is full. Use extremely cold water as much as you can in the washing machine and be sure to clean the lint filter in your dryer so it can run most efficiently. Of course, if you can afford it, buying new energy efficient appliances - they'll save you on your gas bill.
Actively working at energy conservation is a great virtuous to get into because no matter how plentiful or renewable energy sources are in the future, there's just no reason for waste. So, the sooner people can get in the to dwell in the mind set of conserving energy, the sweter for both you and the earth.

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