Remember to detox in summer - six kinds of detoxification methods

By: Hayden

1, lemonade - not only weight loss but also detox
Lemon is really a good thing, every morning drink a large cup of lemonade, simple and practical, not only for detoxification, also helps with weight loss, as well as has the effect of preventing colds, but must adhere to be effective!
Lemonade can rid the body of harmful substances, whitening, detoxification, bowel, and can quench their thirst and desire to eat something, don't need to special diet.
2, lactic acid bacteria - effectively promote bowel movements
Step 1: Yogurt - yogurt is fermented milk after milk fermentation, its lactic acid bacteria can promote bowel movements and help diachoresis. Remember to develop the habit that drinks a cup of yogurt after daily breakfast.
Step 2: Beer - if you do not exclude alcoholic beverages, then we recommend the beer as your laxative drink in many alcoholic drinks. It is not only rich in water, and its carbonation can speed up bowel movements. Just do not drink too much, you know, but the beer is "liquid bread", very likely to cause diarrhea.
3 carrots - have good effect in liver detoxification
Habit of staying up late, to the rest of the time is also needed to work or entertainment with ecstasy, then forced to work as the liver, resulting in liver enzymes inability to produce enough of these enzymes in physiology to help food digestion, absorption, utilization, various enzymes secretion is not sufficient, the toxin also will be more and more, thereby further causing bodily serious lack of nutrition.
Carrots are an effective liver detoxification food, it is not only rich in carotene, and contains a lot of vitamin A and pectin, and combines with mercury ions in the body, can effectively lower blood concentrations of mercury ions, accelerate the body discharge of mercury ions , very suitable for people who often stay up late. Carrot is helpful for improving constipation, but also rich in β-carotene, can neutralize toxins. Fresh carrot detoxification effect is better.
4, dry brush and massage - accelerate blood circulation
The skin is an important way to detoxify the body, and when excessive accumulation of toxins in the body, the skin will be the first alarm. Dark complexion, dryness dull, acne prone, and oily serious - these are the physical signs of poisoning.
Dry brush massage body: every day, when bath, use loofah gloves to dry massage skin, known the best way to promote the body detox. Massage accelerate blood circulation and lymph flow, so that the body of toxic waste easy to wash out. Usually can use ring-shaped massage, increase massage force from the bottom to up to the whole body, pay attention to the direction of the lower extremities massage towards the heart.
5 bath -make the skin becomes elastic
It is definitely a good way to help detoxify the skin, can wash away the acidic waste accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue, will remove out of carbon dioxide and bad things remaining in the body, so that the skin becomes elastic. Natural bath salts and aromatic oils are preferred detox bath, add bath salts, rosemary, tea tree and lemon essential oil in the tub, will play a good detoxification effect.
6, sport - both healthy and economical detoxification method
For those who love sports, but too lazy to cook or without conditions of fasting people, this is the most appropriate method.
1) Walk at least 30 minutes a day, do some soothing gentle exercise, such as jogging, Tai Chi.
2) practice abdominal breathing: lying down, inhale the nostril, then hold your breath, airflow through the abdominal cavity, and then slowly exhale from the nostrils.
3) sauna to help sweat. After 10-15 minutes, rinse cool baths to stimulate blood circulation.
4) do exercise at the same time always add water, you can drink green tea, but not drink carbonated beverages. Sports drinks on the market, had better not drink in a few days of detox.

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