Remedies for Acne

By: Richard May

Of all the different types of skin conditions that people can suffer from Acne is one of the most common. But not only do teenagers suffer from it, there are also many adults who are now suffering from this condition as well. In most cases the only are of the body affected by this skin condition is the face, but some people find it can affect their backs, legs, shoulders; chest as well as their buttocks can be covered in acne. But luckily for these people there are plenty of different acne remedies that they can use to treat it.
A lot of people who suffer from acne are turning away from more conventional ways of treating this skin condition and preferring to use more natural remedies instead. The reason for this is because in many cases they are a lot safer and less likely to cause any unwanted side effects. Below we take a look at a few of the natural remedies, which you could use in order to treat your acne.
1. Tea Tree Oil - Is an extremely popular way for treating acne and all you need to do is dilute a small amount of the tea tree essential oil and then apply directly on to the acne spots. This particular remedy is effective because it contains a property known as terpinen-4-ol, which has good anti-bacterial qualities. It is these qualities that help to kill off the bacterium, which actually causes the spots to form.
2. Zinc - This is another popular treatment for effectively dealing with acne but is not as effective as the tea tree essential oil and medications, which a doctor may prescribe. But even so it can still help with reducing the spots upon the person's skin and helps to improve the condition of the skin overall. But be wary if you use too much of this remedy you may find that it can lead to other health problems and a possible side effective is that it can cause your digestive system to become upset.
3. Garlic - Again just like the tea tree oil this contains anti-bacterial qualities and when applied directly to the infected area helps to bring down the swelling as well as killing of the bacteria inside. People prefer to either apply crushed garlic or the juice directly to the area; however you will have to put up with the smell if you choose to use this remedy.
4. Lemons - These are another extremely effective remedy for treating acne because they contain high levels of Vitamin C that can boost your immune system. If your immune system is functioning properly it will be better able to fight and kill of the acne bacteria.
Yes you can drink lots of lemon juice to help boost your immune system but a great way to treat the acne itself is by applying it directly to the affected area. What you need to do is take some lemon juice and mix this with some rosewater and then apply to the acne using a cotton wool ball. Once applied you leave the area alone to allow the mixture to be absorbed by the skin. This particular remedy in order to be really effective needs to be applied to the area affected at least two or three times each day.
Along with the acne remedies that we have shown above there are plenty of other natural treatments you may want to consider trying. A quick search of the internet and you will discover lots more very safe and effective treatments for this skin condition. But as well as being safe they are also likely to cost you a lot less than the remedies your doctor prescribes or which you can buy over the counter.

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About the writer: Richard May has suffered from acne since he was a teenager and has tried a number of acne remedies for many years. He now publishes articles for acne online to try and help others overcome their acne.

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