Relaxing Reiki music

By: Trevor Shaw

Reiki which is pronounced as Ray Key is a holistic therapeutic technique that uses universal energy to heal an person. In order for this to work, you have to be educated by a Reiki master. Since its rediscovery in the early 1900’s, various types have evolved and some of them use Reiki music.

Reiki music is used to produce a calm and relaxing atmosphere in order for the healing to take place. This is obtainable for download while selected retailers sell these in CD online. One example of this is Shamballa that is often used by seasoned spiritual travelers.

For those who have never done a Reiki session with music previously, it is recommended to use one with soft tunes first before trying out something more diverse. If the location you are visiting allows you to listen to a sound clip, try it out so you have an idea where the music can take you.

Do you actually need to use Reiki music during a healing session? The answer is no since meditation music or any other kind may also work as long as it is designed for relaxation purposes.

As much as possible, the recording should last for about 60 to 75 minutes which is the average time it takes to feel energized after a session.

Just like a usual session with no music, you can tell if it is working when you sense different sensations throughout your body. An individual who feels down will afterwards feel an emotional release or relief.

As soon as you have found the right Reiki music, you can put it on and then simply sit or lie down in a relaxing position. You then rest your hands on top of your face with the palms over the eyes, touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth with the tip of your tongue just at the back the teeth. Remember to inhale and let the energy flow into your body and then let it go out along your arms and out through your face.

The identical slow movement should be done with the additional parts of the body so you wake up feeling refreshed and recharged.

Reiki wouldn’t be around for more than a hundred years if it is not able to help those recover from emotional disturbances and addictions

In fact, various studies have been conducted and outcome have shown that patients are able to recover more rapidly after surgery. This is the reason that there are new hospitals and clinics that have started to practice Reiki even before an operation to help them relax.

Those who worship Christianity have also embraced Reiki because its methods help them express compassion towards others and bring them nearer to God. This is because Jesus healed with his hands and so is the hand healing technique used in Reiki that has made this very appealing.

Everyone can practice Reiki and you can do this with or without Reiki music because the tune that you hear only helps you loosen up when the most main thing to learn is the correct hand technique. This can only be taught by a master Reiki and when this is passed on to you, this can also be shared with others.

You just need to keep an open mind and have faith so you may also experience the positive energy that is needed to heal no matter what part of the body, mind or soul that requires healing.

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