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Every relationship comes with its own set of issues, it could be that your spouse is flirting with the red head at the bar counter or it could be a variety of other issues. If you are having problems in hacking out a simple dinner conversation, you've issues. So, what are you planning to do about it? You can try to handle it the normal way or go 'whole hog' with a set of high tech tools at your command. Communication factors in a big way with every relationship. I'm sure that your friendly counselor would impart the same advice. If your spouse is not willing to communicate with you despite the wise advice as imparted by the relationship counselor, you need to rethink your strategy to save the faltering relationship.

It is hard to trust someone when you know that they are cheating on you. Besides relationship counseling, it may be time for you to go proactive. For starters, you will need to know exactly what is happening behind your back. That aside, you need to gather all the data you can accumulate on your spouse's "late office meetings". It will prove useful later on. The fact of the matter is that more than a few relationships have met an untimely demise. Though that may seem a bit pessimistic, there's only so much you can do in order to save a relationship.

If you are having issues despite repeated counseling sessions and the late office meetings seem to crop up a bit, it's time for you to take some pre-emptive action. I'm sure that you have heard of "knowledge is power". Guess what, it applies to any relationship on the verge of a breakdown. The one thing you can do to keep tabs on your spouse is to utilize a premium reverse look up service. The neat thing about a premium service is that it will provide you with the requisite information on any phone number, from mobile phones to the unlisted variety.

Better yet, a premium reverse look up service will allow you to keep tabs on your spouse as it can provide you with the locale the call is originating from. As paranoid as this may seem, keep in mind that any information / data you gather, can actually help you resolve outstanding issues and even provide you with a certain amount of protection from being taken to the cleaners by your spouse. So, if you are not able to sort out your relationship issues with counseling, perhaps it is time to go with the reverse look-up!

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