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By: Mandeep Sidhu

Prior to the creation of ebay in 1995, online auctions were virtually unheard of. However, this revolution has brought the old-fashioned way of buying and selling at local flea markets to an entirely new level, one that allows people from around the globe to connect with every type of product and service imaginable. The key in using this online auction site is by taking the needed time to learn about the eBay registration process. After registering, the account is established the right way from the very start, creating a solid platform on which to build.
Keep in mind that you can log onto the eBay site and simply browse but if you are interested in selling or buying something, you need to go through the eBay registration process to become an active member. With your new eBay membership, many exciting doors of opportunity will open, more than you ever imagined. Foe more results login on to Whether shopping for concert tickets, furniture, perfume, clothing, antiques, and so on, the possibilities are truly incredible.
To get started with your eBay registration, you will need to visit the private registration page located on the website. Once logged on, you will see an online form that will take only a few minutes to complete. As a part of the registering process, you will be required to answer some very basic questions to include things such as name, address, phone number, and email address.

From there, the eBay registration form will have you choose both an identification and password, which will be used going forward each time you log onto the site. To ensure your registration is protected, eBay also requires for you to choose a secret question and then provide a secret answer. With this, if there was any question or dispute specific to your account in the future, only you and eBay personnel would have this information. After entering a verification code, which is provided on the page, all the steps to register are complete.

Of course, as part of the overall eBay registration process, it is important that you take time to read both the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Although most online sites where products and services are sold provide this type of information, eBay has some specific criteria for using the site. For instance, to sell and buy on eBay, you would need to be a minimum of 18 years of age. However, other restrictions exist along with valuable information that is worth reading.

Once the eBay registration form has been completed, you are now in a position to buy and/or sell. If you are interested in selling, an online store would need to be established. This personal store can be designed and formatted according to the type of product or service being sold, as well as your own personal preference. On the other hand, if you are more interested in buying or perhaps want to sell and buy, then you would simply start browsing for the items most interested in.

As you can see, the actual eBay registration process is very simple and takes little time to complete. eBay takes pride in the design of the site, having made various changes over the years to make it easy for people to navigate. You can also login on to After all, the easier yet more professional eBay is, the more attractive the site is to people like you who want to sell or buy. With a process so simple, there is no reason not to get started with your eBay registration so you too can experience the exciting world of online auctioning.

Although some people use eBay as a means of selling items from around the house no longer needed or used, others utilize the site to make money. Once you have gone through the eBay registration process and get your store set up, making serious income is a very real possibility. In fact, many people now use this online auction site as a sole source of income and when managed properly, profit can be quite lucrative.

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