Regions Bank CD Rates Give Better Yield for Your Money

By: Alice Brooks

Regions Bank is an Alabama based financial institution with more than 2,000 branches and sub-offices spread across the United States. This bank does not only offer Internet banking. It offers a wide range of financial services from personal and business banking to providing loans and credit to consumers. It also offers investment packages for clients as well as insurance and trust and assets management. You should explore Regions Bank CD rates because they are very competitive compared to other banking institutions.

Getting a Certificate of Deposit from Regions Bank is a very good investment option. If you are familiar with time deposit, then you can easily understand the concept behind a certificate of deposit. Essentially, a CD is usually a short term to medium term investment scheme provided by almost all banks, investment houses, and loan and credit institutions. This investment instrument is also popular among Internet banks. That is because a CD offers higher return for your money. Investing in CDs is also not as risky as investing in stocks or Forex. The short term Regions Bank CD rates are very attractive because your money can easily earn as much as 3 percent. This is already a favorable rate compared to other banking institutions out there.

Regions Bank offers three types of CD accounts. The bank clearly understands that no two people have similar financial needs. So it is offering several choices so you can determine what type CD account would work best for you. Of course that interests rates for each type of account varies. The standard Regions Bank CD rates differ from the premium accounts. You can get a Standard Regions CD, a Regions Relationship CD, or a Regions No Penalty CD. The No Penalty account is the bank’s premium CD account where you can withdraw funds fully or partially without incurring penalties. The two other accounts are standard accounts but the bank provides an interest rate bonus for certain checking accounts. To get a complete list of CD rates offered by Regions, you should visit the Debt Kid website.

Opening a CD account in Regions Bank offers numerous benefits for you. First, your CD account is well insured by the FDIC. This means that your money can be shielded from bank runs. Second, Regions Bank is a highly respected and a strong financial company with many years of good track record. Your investment therefore will be safer with this bank. It is also easy to open a CD account and you can choose which type of account would be best for your needs. And with the competitive Regions Bank CD rates, you stand to earn more from your short term or medium term investment.

Investing in certificate of deposit is a wise financial move today. Getting a CD instrument will give you an added income instead of letting your money sit on accounts that yield minimum or no interest. So if you decide to invest on certificate of deposits, you have to choose a bank that can manage your investment well so you can earn more from its higher interest rates.

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