Redmi Note 4X evaluation: everything is good except for charging

By: Chris Cui

Redmi Note series compared to 5 inches of Redmi, with a larger screen and more mainstream configuration specifications. From the public point of view, if it is not because of 200 RMB, then obviously with more excellent configuration Redmi Note series is more worthy of choice. Note 4X is the latest work of this series released in Feb this year, and now it still owns high popularity among smartphones at price around 1000RMB. Hatsune Miku Edition is a new attempt of Xiaomi Company, but for the public users, the standard version of Redmi Note 4X is more worthy of attention.

Redmi Note 4X Standard Edition is price of 999 RMB, which is 100 RMB higher than the Redmi Note 4. This is actually subject to this year's mobile phone market environment constraints. While all others’ prices are rising, at the same time Redmi Note 4X is clearly the original cost-effective. Note 4X in addition to continue to build high life, but also offer a variety of colors for everyone to provide personalized needs. Where is the upgrade on this phone? Whether 100 RMB price gap can still let user excited? The following we will answer for everyone.

The main fuselage of Redmi Note 4X is made of metal materials. Although the overall Redmi Note 4 is used as a blueprint, through the details of the carefully crafted, so that the performance of Redmi Note 4X is better on appearance. The positive design is more popular, the surface covered with 2.5D curved glass, of which the visual effect is better. In addition the top area with a symmetrical design, the openings next to the handset, whether it is the location or size, are the same. It makes Redmi Note 4X gives the first impression quite comfortable.

Under this piece of 2.5D curved glass, there is a 5.5-inch 1080P resolution screen, which inherited the Xiaomi near the screen features, with a sun screen, luminous screen, eye protection and other characteristics. In the outdoor filled with strong sunshine you can be no pressure to clearly see the screen, and in bedtime black light environment it can also not hurt eyes. Redmi Note 4X is not equipped with positive fingerprint recognition, so its front is a whole curved glass. On the bottom there are three standard Android touch buttons, this design for old users, is the most familiar, the least difficult to get started.

The Redmi Note 4X back shell looks better than the Note 4, as without white stripes, so that visual effect is huge enhanced. But on the material, then the proportion of its metal is less than the Note 4. Only the main part on the back of Note 4X is the use of metal materials, two parts outside the dent are made of polycarbonate materials, their texture may be less than the main body of the metal body. But it is also good to do so, as it solves the problem of metal mobile phone antenna segmentation. For polycarbonate surface after spraying, the color is very close to the metal material, so aesthetic degree of Note 4X has been the greatest guaranteed.

Of course, the difference between the two ends of the material, but also brought the difference between the details, and the first is on the bottom design. At the bottom of Note 4X is lack of two screws, because it is polycarbonate material, no need to use, so that a little less sense of science and technology. But the top looks more symmetrical, 3.5mm headphone jack interface and infrared interface look more pleasing.

Overall, while the Redmi Note 4X aesthetic performance is enhance, the overall sense of science and technology is not even as good as the Note 4, as the use of plastic increased slightly lower the overall style. But such a symmetrical design of non-leucorrhea and metal material price at 1000 RMB level has reached our psychological expectations.

The biggest upgrade on Note 4X is certainly the entire hardware configuration specifications, a brand new hardware specifications, let it completely detached from the previous generation of products. Of course, we can see, compared to the standard version of Note 4, the price of standard Note 4X version is increased by 100 RMB. But on the face of a comprehensive upgrade configuration it is completely a very cost-effective trading.

Redmi Note 4X is equipped with Qualcomm Xiao Long 625 eight-core processor, which is manufactured by using 14nm process that currently widely used in high-end chip manufacturing process. Advanced technology, making it face with other grades of processors, has a very obvious inherent advantages in performance and power cost, are at the leading level.

Qualcomm Xiao Long 625 using 8x ARM Cortex A53 core, which is more emphasis on power consumption among current cores supporting ARM architecture. And equipped with a dual ISP, the maximum support 24 million pixel camera and up to Cat.7 LTE network, to achieve the maximum 300Mbps Of the downlink rate and 150Mbps uplink rate, and supports 802.11 ac. On GPU it is equipped with Adreno 506, supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

Redmi Note 4X upgrade on the storage is very obvious, and the standard version is equipped with a 3GB RAM +32 GB ROM, which is much stronger than Note 4, and even said that fully reflects the difference between generations. 3GB RAM makes sure operating system smooth and fast, 32GB of storage space, even if without card, is enough to ensure the normal use of its life cycle. In additional Xiaomi official noticed that r Note 4X will have a high class version of 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM.

Note 4X is equipped with a 4100mAh capacity of the battery, for a 5.5-inch screen models, the power is large enough. With its more power Xiao Long 625 processor, life performance is amazing. After one hour of continuous playing game only 9% power is spent. After 4 hours of continuous play, it only cost 35% of power consumption. Even in this high-intensity using, the Redmi Note 4X is also sufficient to support for a whole day using.

While we are very satisfied with the battery life performance of Note 4X, it is still difficult to get rid of the embarrassing situation than every day charging. It is with only a fast charge port of 5V / 2A, which for 4100mAh large battery is clearly not enough. Charge from 1% to 100% takes 2 hours and 30 minutes.

As one of Xiaomi 2017 new cost-effective work, Note 4X cost is still worthy of buying. The Redmi Note 4X is still the first choice among 1000-yuan smartphones, but it is time to upgrade fast charge of Redmi series.

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