Recover Your Lost Files with a Reliable Data Recovery Solution

By: James A Ashton

Losing important data from our computers is something that many of us have been through. Most frequently, important data is lost due to accidentally deletion. If you are looking for file recovery software, then you probably already know the feeling of emptying the Recycle Bin or formatting a disk, and when it is just seconds too late, you realize that you just deleted something important perhaps thinking that you had it safely backed up elsewhere. You probably already think that the data is gone for good. However, in reality, the files actually remain hidden on the disk until something else overwrites them. In other cases, malicious software or a hacker attack on your computer might be to blame. Fortunately, using software such as [email protected] File Recovery, you have a very good chance of getting back what you've lost.

What few people realise, is that when data is deleted from any kind of digital storage media, it actually remains on the disk. The file system of the disk marks the previously occupied sectors as available, but initially, the data itself is not modified at all. Only the entry in the file system is deleted. From this point on, however, the data can be overwritten by any other file creation or copy process. For this reason, it is essential to minimize any further modification to the contents of the disk. Doing so can and will eventually overwrite the deleted data, making it permanently unrecoverable. Due to this fact, you cannot install and run software like [email protected] File Recovery from disk that you want to recover data from. Fortunately, this program allows you to create a bootable CD complete with a fully self-contained boot environment which is completely independent of the operating system. This also allows you to recover data even if your computer won't start up beyond the post screen.

[email protected] File Recovery, by LSoft Technologies, comes from one of the leading developers of disk utilities. It takes advantage of this window of opportunity to do what no built-in Windows tools can do - recover deleted data intact. While for the reasons mentioned above, successful recovery can never be guaranteed, this software gives you the best chances possible. The latest version also provides a powerful scripting language for more advanced users to specify custom file signatures. Support for additional file types in the search feature are included as well, allowing less experienced users to easily search for and recover files of common formats.

[email protected] File Recovery is the ideal solution not just for recovering data from your computer's hard disk, but also from any other type of digital storage media, such as flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives and external hard disks. The newest version improves scan speed and overall performance considerably, and its interface is more user-friendly than ever. A professional edition is available for more demanding users, while for businesses, an enterprise edition is available. All versions also include the [email protected] Disk Editor, a powerful hex editor for digital storage devices. Find out more at .

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James A Ashton works for a company providing file recovery services to clients. He has often used such software to quickly retrieve data from formatted or damaged drives.

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