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By: Mel Joelle

Video broadcasting over the Internet has become increasingly useful for businesses who are realizing the benefits of cheap remote communication between employees, managers and exec-utives. Increasingly globalized corporations must rely on telecommunication via the Internet to keep their various departments up to speed. From a single headquarters, a company can span a country using the Internet. New industries have sprung up to meet this growing need. High-definition (HD) online video streaming, recording software, re-broadcasting programs and other technologies have all become very popular with companies operating in the new economy.

Eyepartner, started in 1996 as a web application development company, has grown into one of the premier companies offering remote communication, video streaming, recording and re-broadcasting technologies today. The company has specialized in developing high-definition live broadcasting software. Eyepartner’s flagship program is called TikiLive, a program that provides a comprehensive tool set designed to help produce and manage HD video content. TikiLive allows customers to broadcast their own content under their own brand to remote participants across the Internet.

The advantages of TikiLive include the ability to produce content in multiple delivery formats, such as Pay-Per-View or even broadcasting directly to Roku set top boxes for a more traditional viewing experience. A unique service TikiLive offers customers is the ability to record presentations via webcam and re-broadcast them later. TikiLive enables the production of HD video streaming content directly from a desktop computer. The material recorded from the webcam can be re-broadcast later using almost any format. In addition to using a webcam to record self-produced material, TikiLive enables a customer to use an entire media gallery, even videos uploaded to YouTube.

TikiLive also allows customers to insert commercials directly into their playlists to monetize them. The program can do this on the fly, giving customers the ability to modify commercials already playing or insert new advertisements. TikiLive offers a detailed methodology to analytically track and process impressions and click-through rates between different advertisements. Advertisement spots can be dynamically served with mid-roll pop-up commercials. The commercial spots are pre-programmed into the video stream, and they pop up in the viewer's range of vision at predetermined moments.

TikiLive sets up an entire network of viewers that watch all broadcasted material later through the video on demand (VOD) feature. VOD enables viewers that missed live presentations to view them later on their own time. Recorded broadcasts via webcam are easily stored using TikiLive. Provided with a gallery of video content, viewers can pick and choose which broadcast to watch. During live presentations, TikiLive provides an innovative chat feature, allowing viewers to ask questions and participate while the presentation is happening. Each broadcast can be attuned to a specific channel, which means viewers from one part of a company can view a presentation tailored to fit their needs.

TikiLive is a comprehensive live HD broadcasting platform. Multiple options exist for advertisement revenue, sharing broadcasts with viewers and interacting with the audience. TikiLive takes remote business communication to a new level and improves corporate relationships. For more information about recording software TikiLive be sure to visit Eyepartner at today!

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