Recipe for Organic Chicken Cooked in Traditional Cider

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Chicken is quite rightly one of the best loved meats throughout the whole world.
It is almost fat free, is an excellent source of protein, exceedingly versatile and is the key ingredient in many diet recipes. If you are able to get hold of an organic chicken, even better, as it will be a purer meat, with less chance of it containing added hormones. It's also a good policy from the animal welfare point of view, as the majority of the supermarket chickens are bred in conditions that are pretty awful.

If you are not worried about weight loss, don't worry, there is more to chicken than low fat recipes. Even so, most recipes that feature chicken will be, in general, better for you than similar recipes cooked with other meat, such as pork or lamb.

Here is a great recipe that'll please your dinner guests.

The recipe needs:

One organic chicken (approximately 3.5 lb)
Two cup of traditional cyder
6 ea. Apples (pared and quartered)
salt (as required)
pepper (as required)
One tsp. cornstarch
Half cup of whipping cream
One tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup of butter
Two tablespoonfuls of olive oil
A quarter teaspoonful ground cinnamon (not obligatory)
4 spring onions, (finely chopped)
Two dried cloves
A quarter tsp. ground ginger
One sprig of parsley, (finely chopped, for the garnish)
Half teaspoonful thyme
Two teaspoons of sugar


Wash the Chicken and dry it well.
Mix a little salt and pepper and rub it into the organic chicken (both inside and out)
Pour the lemon juice over the apple pieces.

Take a large frying pan or skillet and melt half the butter then mix in the oil.
Add half of the apples to the pan and fry slowly for 5 min. (until they have browned a little)
Mix in the ground ginger and stir well, cooking a little longer to enable the ground ginger to develop it's flavour.
Stuff the apple mixture into the chicken and close the cavity by string or by use of a skewer.

Slowly melt the rest of the butter in the pan and then put the organic chicken into the frying pan and quickly brown the outside of the chicken, turning it so it browns evenly.
Transfer the chicken to a large casserole pot with lid.
Take the apple that is left, the spring onions, ground cinnamon, thyme, cloves and sugar and put them in the skillet.

Fry gently for a couple of minutes then add the traditional cyder and increase the heat to start the mixture boiling.

Once the apple cyder is boiling, add it the oven dish with the chicken and put the lid on the pot.

Put the pot in the oven and cook for about three quarters of an hour at Gas Mark 6

When the chicken is ready, remove the chicken from the pot and put onto a warm plate to keep warm whilst the gracy/sauce is prepared.

Skim and remove any fat from the pot and then boil the juices down until there is approximately one cupful remaining.

Add the cornstarch and cream, mixing well until it is nice and thick.
Season with salt and pepper, and pour the sauce over the organic chicken

Sprinkle the parsley garnish over and serve.

To make the meal into a healthy and well balanced meal, you could add side servings of asparagus or grilled mushrooms and carrots.

If this recipe meets with your approval, you can easily discover a good selection of chicken recipes by taking a look at one of the free recipe collections on the World Wide Web.

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