Reasons to Take Up Dentistry

By: Tiffany W. Wilson

Choosing what course to pursue after graduation is such a migraine. If you are currently contemplating about this problem just now, I am guessing that, like many of your peers, you have not thought about what you want to do with your life after high school. Don’t worry, kid. I am here to offer you a feasible option. I am sure you have heard about dentistry. Before you complain about how you hate medicine, perhaps you can breeze through the following perks.

You will never be out of a job

Come now. Imagine yourself finishing dentistry, becoming a legit dentist with your own dental clinic. Do you see? Is that not a sight? And take this. You will never run out of patients. Your neighborhood is full of children with temporary sets of teeth. Not only that. What about those pitiful bleeding gums? What about the rotting teeth caused by the intentional neglect of their owners. You will have more clientele than you can imagine.

You can earn your community's respect

If your community is a small one and you are the only dentist there, you will probably be popular among the kids as the doctor who makes teeth healthier. The people in your community, both young and old, will respect you not only as a professional but also as a helpful assistant to the community.

You can give back to the community in return

There are various ways a dentist can give back to the community that he or she is in. Number one, of course, is by doing the job in the best way you can do. Next thing is to participate in health fairs organized by you community. You can give your services for free, only for a day of course—or depending on how long these fairs last.

You can tell little children that you're the tooth fairy

The tooth fairy is always in children’s stories. We know that they are dubbed as fantasy now. but there are still children who want to believe. You can do those children some favor and tell them that they can call you the tooth fairy—since, you know, you deal with people’s teeth as a profession. You can even turn your clinic into a tooth fairy-themed clinic. That will surely bring delight not only to the children but to older patients with young hearts too.

Now, can you imagine what you can do if you choose to be a dentist? What I enumerated are just the top of the list. You can even make your own list of fun stuff to do besides treating rotting teeth and bleeding gums. You can’t have many customers every day. So it might do you good to have side activities such as giving lectures and talks to elementary schools and high schools. I know that this may not be the best profession in the world. But at least you will have a useful trade to offer the community you are in. This is just an option of course. But you can always make it as one of your references. Here’s a wink from me. Good luck.

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Tiffany Wilson is an assistant to a dentist in a local clinic in Washington DC. Know more about dental clinic in Washington DC here.

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