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There is a reason that we dislike the counterfeiters. It can be the copying of idea or may be the use of old and used components. If we consider the case of counterfeit watches, then we can also get to know about the real reason that why don’t some people like the counterfeits.

Despite the varied opinion of people about these watches, there has been no slower down of the sales in replica market. In fact there has been considerable rise in their demand and sales. We have often related the concept of counterfeits to the idea of ‘lost cost (affordable) and quality designs’, but there is another aspect to it too! These replica watches are not only a product to be used, but they reflect some antique pieces of work, re-polishes, styled and rearranged to be kept as a token of history. People are fond of keeping and preserving the things of past. They spend years in collecting the rarest watches and keep them as collectibles in their showcases.

These people keep a track of their dates of origin, make, manufacture and specialties. Well, the poor side is that, some retailers just re-touch the real facts in order to sell their product. This would be a deception with the faith and intention of the customer. A customer needs to spend quality time in searching and looking for the quality replica watch of their choice. When the replica watches were introduced, no one would have thought that what transformations they are going to bring in the ‘watch-world’! It was a mere necessity to introduce replicas for those who could not afford original brands. Later on, these replicas started offering varieties and people adopted them as their conscious choice rather than a need.

Today, there are so many designs available in the replica market that a new buyer may overlook the functions of fresh pieces. Not only designs, now the replica manufacturers have started giving special attention to the built, functionality and working of the watches. Unlike previous days when the replicas were considered a poor material product, now replicas are a ‘complete market’ in themselves.

The USP of today’s replica watches is: preferred designs at an affordable price range.

The customers enjoy the same style as that of any other well known brand. The replica watches aims at middle class section of people who would love to spend on a brand but within a limited budget. Thus, a replica has become the first choice of the customers who wear them.

The replicas are the change in the market of watches where the customer is becoming brand conscious. Due to high prices when they cannot afford the branded designer watches the replicas come as a preferred option for such people.

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