Reasons We Go to the Dentist's

By: Tiffany W. Wilson

Let's admit it. Not all of us are fans of dental clinics. Some even hate going to the dentist. And we totally understand. Everybody is born different, and the way we perceive things are not to be classified in a few categories. To some people, lying on a large chair with a totally different person other than themselves poking at every corner of their mouth is hell. Some people are just too lazy to go to a dental clinic. This might be one of their mentalities: "Uh . . . Why do I have to go there? I mean, I brush my teeth every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. Is that not enough?" With this in mind, I have come up with few of the reasons why we go to the dental clinic (even when our visits are forced).

Because our tooth hurts like Thor just smashed his hammer on it

When your tooth is crushing not only your whole mouth but your body as well, death would have been a kinder affliction than this hellish torture. Forgive me if that got a bit dramatic. The writer in me just want to let you imagine what it feels like to suffer from a hurting tooth. That one, tiny devil can inflict plain felt by every part of your body.

Because our gums are bleeding (or something like that)

Bleeding gums! Gotta love it. You just tend to ignore the little blood that ooze out from your gums every time you brush your teeth. The worst part is when you are talking to a friend (or your crush!) and the blood, without warning, just appeared. I mean, how embarrassing is that? But it was okay because it did not hurt. But once the gums begin to swell, man, that's a different story. To other people, inflamed gums are even worse to endured than the infected tooth.

Because our parents are nagging us to get that dental cleaning

Don't get me wrong. Dental cleaning is an important part of our dental health. But, come on. Who has the time these days? You are just too busy and important to go trudging down your local dental clinic just to get your routine cleaning. but what to do? Your health freak mother is nagging you once again to do the deed. So off you go--down, down, down to the dreaded clinic.

Because our dentist has a cute assistant

Don't tell me you do not do this every now and then. Here is an opportunity to flirt with a cutie, and you have clean teeth as a freebie! Who does not want that? Your dentist may be old and fat, but his or her assistant is extremely attractive. Don't tell me you can't make a small sacrifice? When you think about it, the whole setup is a great bargain. Of course, you are doing it for your dental health. The cute assistant is just another perk of doing your obligation to your teeth.

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Tiffany Wilson is an assistant to a dentist in a local clinic in Washington DC. Know more about dentist Washington DC here.

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