Reasons People Should Learn to Cook

By: Stephen John

In life, there are many things that we should be doing that we don't like to do like go to the gym, clean up the house and cooking. Among the three, cooking seems to be the one thing that people are loathe to do for a number of reasons but primarily, they feel that while they love to serve their family good meals or they themselves like to eat good food, cooking stresses them out and the possibility of cooking every night is something they actually dread.

Some people put new meaning to the old saying "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." However, there are also those who just love being in the kitchen – they take their time baking the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies, they patiently wait as a pot of soup simmers on the stove and chopping up veggies seems to relax them more than a massage. Cooking for them is not a task or a chore but something they feel happy doing. They feel that if you don't find any pleasure in cooking then there's no point in doing it.

However, in the era of fast food and fusion cuisine, there is a point somewhere in between where people are going to eat what they shouldn't and compromise their health in the process. In a time where processed food and food loaded with artificial preservatives reign supreme, it has become more important than ever to learn how to cook at home if only to be able to prepare your own food and make sure you use only fresh ingredients.

Of course, that's not to say you should totally neglect potato chips or the occasional burger and fries/pizza combo. It's just that when you consider this particular food group the best dinner fare you can manage for most of the week, then you really need to get into that kitchen and start learning or do it more often if you already know how to cook. Just because these foods are fast and easy, it doesn't mean you have to allow your systems to be poisoned or controlled.

Also, cooking is one way you can spend quality time with your loved ones, both filial and romantic. How many love stories have you heard about two people falling in love while cooking some plaice fillets or citrus ceviche scallops? How many mother-daughter spats have you resolved over baking lemon cream pie or frying chocolate doughnuts? Don't forget that the kitchen is one of the places in a home where people spend the most time bonding, talking and fighting even (sometimes).

So if these facts don't convince you that it's time you learnt how to cook, then think of it this way: you'll be preparing healthy meals for your loved ones, making sure they don't get sick from the spawns of industrialization and commerce, you'll be preparing meals that you, your family and special someone can bond over.

There was a time when the world only knew how to cook by their own hands - just imagine yourself being prepared for the eventuality that all the fast food restaurants you know will go out of business or suffer irreparable damage from a natural disaster - and then you'll only have yourself to depend on for sustenance. Far-fetched idea but it can happen. So if you want to check out easy recipes that you would like to try out, visit and find yourself in the perfect foodie heaven.

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