Reality And Myth About Astral Projection Safety

By: Abhishek Agarwal..

Despite some people raising doubts about the safety of Astral Projection, consensus opinion is in its favor. Instances of people experiencing the Astral Projection are piling up and many of them undertaking Astral Travels, OOBE or Out of Body Experience is no more a myth. With the scientists also taking a positive stance regarding the realities of Astral Travels and the concept of the spirit traveling away from the body has been widely accepted now.
Proportion of Safety in Astral Projection Man by nature is conscious about his own safety. Naturally enough the question has also cropped up in case of the Astral Projection. The trade off is between things unknown and comparatively new about which people don't have much knowledge and naturally they are apprehensive about it. Fear in their mind is about the possibility of harms they may sustain. People conversant with the process clarified that the Astral Projection and Astral Travel are both extremely safe. To add to the acceptability and weight of their contentions they come up with numerous instances where people have experienced astral travel without every being physically harmed.
Doubts about the Unknown Thousands of people like you are apprehensive about something about which they do not know much. Hence you are not the only one expressing such concern. The subject matter of Astral Projection is not widely covered or explored in the past. The exploration is comparatively recent phenomenon. Dearth of adequate information and knowledge about the new yet interesting system has forced people to trade cautiously about the adoption of the concept. Common acceptance is yet to be achieved. However, most of your concerns may evaporate at the confrontation with the realities. You will not only find that the Astral Projection and astral travel are good and you need to have no concern in this regard.
Will You Come Back? Some people apprehend that once they are out of body, they may not return floating in the space for ever. Most of their fears are based on presumption and not facts and are unfounded. Uniqueness of traveling with astral body is that the traveler is destined to come back even when they do not wish to. It is rightly remarked that fear represents "False Evidence Appearing Real". More than anything else it is the mindset that creates such apprehensions and they could be easily overcome facing the realities once. No fear will exist for those who face the reality even once in their life.
Astral Projection Advantages When it comes to advantages of Astral Projection even the sky is not the limit. The entire universe becomes accessible for you and what was not possible to achieve in the full conscious state is now easily achievable. It is also possible meeting enlightened personalities on the spiritual plane. Such achievements could never be possible in the normal life following the routine procedures.
Simultaneously your knowledge base grows to a new height and it is one of the best rewards for you.

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