Real Estate Investor's Insider Secret #22: Focus, Focus, Focus

By: M. B. Bradley

Real estate investors usually consider multiple strategies in a single deal and multi-task several activities in one day. And there are moments, where everything becomes a blur.
And they can focus as long as they need to make them successful. But, when it comes to your copywriting, you don't want it your mailing's effort to be scattered on too many ideas.
The best direct-mail copy focuses on a single idea - at most two. And it tells you over and over again why this one benefit (maybe two) will catapult you to the place in life you've always dreamt you'd be.
Avoid including too many benefits that you want your prospects to know. If you use more than two in your real estate direct mails, your customers may find it a bit confusing. You can simply reserve some of the ideas for your next mails. Use the one you think is most convincing for now.
Once you picked the one you think is the most forceful benefit and appeals to your prospects the most, you must stick to it. You must be direct to the point when discussing the benefit and avoid integrating additional ones. Two ideas is the maximum.
Oh, sure, all of the others you've listed are good. But you need to select the best of the best. Then you do your best to ensure that your reader understands this single benefit is the key to their happiness.
You may need to write your copy several times over to ensure that you've honed your own intent on this focus. You may even want to set the copy aside overnight. That's fine! Take that advice of sleeping on it literally. Reopen the document the next morning. Does it still have the same intent and focus that you thought it did the night before. If it does, run with it. If it doesn't, then refine it even more.
Avoid finalizing your copy right away. The truth is you may think it's already good enough but if you return to it after several hours or even after a day, you'll see that there is more to improve on.
In creating your real estate marketing postcard, you're like copywriting it under a microscope. Make sure that your potential customers will see clearly what your offer is in an appealing way.
Hence, when writing your real estate direct marketing copy, resolve to focus your prospect's mind on your most competitive benefit. Don't blur their minds with multiple benefits and offers. Help them clearly see instead the exceptional value of your single offer.

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