Real Estate Investment Trust Advice – Avoid Negativity

By: Robert Shumake

Have you ever heard of the power of positive thinking? The idea behind the power of positive thinking is that if you have a positive mindset about things, you will bring positive things to yourself. Think about the people that walk into situations where the cards are stacked against them and don’t realize it. Often they are more cool and collected in what should be a stressful situation and shine. Sometimes they even come out better than anyone could have imagined. Meanwhile, someone who walks in thinking they are going to fail and have a horrible outcome usually get just that.
The reason for these two outcomes is their mindset. The person who is positive and thinking in a positive light is sending that positive message out and are getting positive results. On the other hand, the negative person is generating a negative atmosphere around them and drawing negative results to them.
This not only relates to the person who is the subject, but also the people around them. Think about it. If you are in a good mood and walk into a room of people who are all in a bad mood and negative by the time you leave the room your own mood has been impacted. Now you are thinking more negatively and do not feel nearly as good as you did when you walked in, do you?
This can play a role in your investments. When you are investing and looking into real estate investment trusts and real estate mutual funds you want to bring positive results and profits to your self. That means you need to surround yourself with positive influences and positive mindsets about investing and profiting. That will rub off on you and you and help you become more successful.
This is not to say you don’t have to know anything about investing. Quite the opposite. Some of those positive influences you are surrounding yourself with could be those that are helping you make wise and positive decisions for your investment portfolio. For example, signing up with a website like is a wise way to help set yourself in a more success direction in your investing. is the first and only online brokerage that specializes in REITs and real estate mutual funds. That means when you look at the news feeds, trends and reports, they will all be relating to your field and help you get a more complete picture of your investment options. By getting a clearer picture of your investments, you can also get a more positive picture of the future of your investments.

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R. M. Maupin is a college instructor and investor with over 20 years experience as a real estate professional. He has bought and sold over 3,500 residential and commercial properties using many techniques including lease options, land contracts, hard money and conventional mortgages. In addition Mr. Maupin is also an internet marketing professional who teaches courses and provides the service to businesses in many market areas in the US.

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