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By: Erwin Rostuzing

The usual finds for pearl jewelry are stud earrings, bracelets and strands or necklaces, but what do you do if you are tired of the typical pearl jewelry? Well, designer pearl jewelry may be just what you need to enhance your pearl jewelry collection. Fortunately, you do not need to travel overseas to find the best pearls and unique designs.
In fact, finding designer pearl jewelry is probably closer than you think. Now, if you have the opportunity to travel to Japan at some point, keep in mind that Japan is one place where you can find a multitude of pearl jewelry designs. But, for most not planning a trip to Japan, finding a quality pearl jewelry designer does not have to be a great challenge.
It really isn't, actually. Think about how unique you want the piece to be. This will help determine where you should focus your search. For example, if you are seeking a single carat diamond ring with small embedded pearls for an engagement ring, a custom design jeweler can certainly help you. It is important to have at least some knowledge about pearls before you meet with a jeweler so that you can be sure to get exactly what you want. The ability to have an educated discussion with the jeweler makes the entire process much easier for all parties involved.
Pearls are graded by size, color, luster and smoothness. The smoother and whiter the pearl is, the better grade but luster cannot be overlooked as it is the iridescence found on quality pearls. If it is flat and has no luster, it is, quite frankly, not a good quality pearl. Regardless of size, if it does not have shine initially, then it never will have the shine most seek in a pearl.
Further, cost and size are interrelated when it comes to quality pearl jewelry, but this does not imply that small pearls are of a poor quality. The pearl's size should enhance the main jewelry piece, not detract from the entire design. If you want a pearl to accent a single carat diamond engagement ring, you are likely not going to want a large pearl even though the larger pearls are more expensive. It is important to consider the entire jewelry piece to be designed.
Once you have found the right jewelry designer, you are one step closer to making your dreams come true and finding the perfect pearl jewelry design to add to your collection. In a few short weeks, the jeweler will be ready to hand the original design to you so you can begin wearing you unique piece and enjoy the known elegance and luxury of pearls but in your own special way. A simple strand of pearls can turn into a jewelry piece with flair never to be matched.

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