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Researchers have studied sleep for decades now for various reasons. Most of the researches carried out in the past and even the ones going on right now are aimed at finding out what really brings about this dreadful health condition. When someone is afflicted by this health condition that is known also as sleep apnea, he or she practically runs out of sleep panting. This happens mostly at night. For obvious reasons scientist have modeled test for sleep terror as behavioral tests. Physicians attempt to through sleep disorder tests verify the nature of a patient’s sleep disorder. Physicians favor conducting sleep disorder test at night because it is instructive to test your sleep pattern to confirm whether you are really suffering from sleep apnea medically called Narcolepsy.

Sleep scientists recommend that Sleep study tests processes for most patients be done in a quite hotel room at which 8 surface electrodes are fixed to your scalp with a particular glue. A couple of electrodes will also be connected to your lower leg regions to monitor your legs’ action during the test. If you happen on a sleep test procedure your will find that some elastic is attached to both the chest and stomach of the patient undergoing sleep disorder test to monitor their breathing. A fine looking probe will be attached to your measuring your level of oxygen. A medical techie will position himself or herself in the room next door to take charge of the process of your sleep test using the most modern medical equipment and machines.

After all the wiring of your body has been concluded you will be informed via an intercom to perform some specific action to enable the machines and for the technician to ascertain that they are working well. Immediately the confirmation has been carried and out and authenticated, the test commences with a “Good Night”! Afer which you are required procedurally to sleep for at least six hours. A CPAP device is usually connected to you to ensure that your sleep does not get disrupted during the test. You respiration data will be collected by the techie before he connects the CPAP device to you. CPAP is the most favored sleep disorder device that doctors recommend. Whit a CPAP the techie ensures that your airway remains open with a continuous supply of filtered air. According to sleep specialist, CPAP has been the one sleep disorder device that has made it possible to handle easily the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea afflictions.

All that has been said so far is the whole process involved in a proper sleep disorder test. Every necessary mandatory cautions will be seen to have taken place for the final preparatory process which is the connection of the CPAP is made. To make safety doubly sure all the respiratory data collected is checked against your known respiratory disturbance index (RDI). It is anticipated that you would within the hour record not less than 20 respiratory indications, with at least a 2 percent fall in oxygen saturation.

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