Ramadan in Paksitan (Ramadan gifts to Karachi Pakistan)


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic year. The importance of this month is due to the fasting month for all the Muslim. Allah ordered all Muslims by the last profit Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) to fast in the month of Ramadaan from Fajr till Maghrib (dawn to sunset). The month ends with a biggest event of Eid Ul Fitar. The importance of Ramazan is also due to the month in which The Holy Quran revealed and because of Lailat Ul Qadr, which Quran says is the night better then the one thousand days.

The preparation for this month starts week before the Ramadan. Muslims all over the world do show their emotion and feelings through sending gifts of Ramadan to their friends and family within and outside the county which is normally includes Digital Holy Quran, Prayer Rug (Ja-e-Namaz), Prayer Beads (Tasbih) and box of almond centered dates.

Due to the most blessed month in Islamic calendar the Muslim give extra importance to this month and all stressed on the prayers, fast, charity, recite Holy Quran and perform more worship. In general all Muslims expected to put extra effort into the following of instructions of Islam. Muslim also gives importance to the avoidance of unspiritual activities and sexual activities are also forbidden during fasting.

Fasting is the forth pillar of Islam and the purpose need to achieve is the purity of mind, soul and the action, by practicing these, the person could be more closer to Allah. The fasting also revealed the hunger feeling of a poor to Muslim and increase kindness for the less privileged. Fasting also helps to remove harmfulness from heart and soul.

The important parts of Ramadan are Sehri and Iftar. Sehri is the meal taken by Muslims before the Azaan of Fajir (before Dawn), the blessings announced In Ahadeith of Harzat Muhammad (peace be upon him) for the one who take break fast (Sehri) before the fast begins. In Sehri the meal taken is light like break fast. The traditional Sehri in Pakistan consist the Khajla and Phani. After Azzan e Fajir fasting starts and all the fasting laws apply, after that the prayer of Fajir is performed.

At the sunset and with the beginning of Maghriq Azzan fasting ends with a traditional food full Iftar. Preparation of meal starts three to four hours before Iftar. Iftar consist of different kinds of snacks, deserts and drinks. The Iftar is appealing and exciting for children as well as elders, for elders it is the best meal they allowed after a long period of fasting and for children it is like buffet dinner because the meals of Iftar include all of the favorite foods of children. Hazrat Mohammad (peace be upon him) starts Iftar with dates. Pakistani take their Iftar with traditional foods like Dates as starter, Samosa, Pakora, Dahi Baray, Namak Paray, Paratha and Shoolay as snacks, Jalabi and Fruit Chat as desert and Roh Afza as a drink.

Reciting the Quran and Tarawih is also important parts of Ramazan. Tarawih is the prayer performs after Isha Salat before Witir Namaz, during all the days of the month it is regularly performed and the whole Quran will recite in the month.

The Month ends with the Eid Ul Fitar festival which is the gift of Ramadan from Allah to all Muslim who perform fasting for the sake of Allah.

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