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We met Dr. Yan Trokel, a NYC based, Columbia University trained facial surgeon a couple of weeks ago when we reviewed his non-surgical face-lift, the Y-Lift.

What got us back there for a chitchat is his practice that offers an innovative treatment where Yan Trokel injects controlled amounts of medical grade CO2 (a process tagged “RioBlush”) into the dermis as a way to improve skin elasticity, thereby “enabling the body to rejuvenate and refresh on its own”.

When we first heard of this, we couldn’t believe it…after all, we’ve heard like a gazillion times to lay off of anything fizzy (soda, sparkling water) and carbs–as a way to control cellulite. (Which seems nutty to us- being half French-we notice the ladies over in the land of the "Bling Bling" Prez and his supe modelin' wife- don't have much cellulite anyway--- at least what we've noticed every year we visit-and they practically guzzle Badoit and mange du pain all the time!!!).

But we digress. Since CO2 is a natural by-product of our breathing- we were curious.

Yan Trokelinformed us that injected medical grade CO2 has been used in surgical procedures for years (laparoscopic surgery) as a way to speed up wound healing (dilating blood vessels thereby, increasing oxygenation to the injected area).

Yan Trokelcellulite modus operandi involves a series of injected CO2 treatments (typically 8-10 treatments, twice a week) that the body reacts to because “the stimuli is picked up…and new blood vessels are created over time.” Reportedly, “fat is broken up,” …and the CO2 naturally exits the body.

And FYI: The cellulite treatments require occasional touch-ups as the body “dynamically” ages...and in beach lovin’ Brazil and across the pond in Britain and Middle East countries, Carboxy Therapy is a popular liposuction alternative.

Yan Trokel also injects CO2 under eyes to alleviate vascular-related dark circles (typically treatment plans are 4-6x, once a month) and to permanently improve stretch marks by increasing collagen production (typically 6-8x, every three weeks).

Well, we feel it’s important to experience what we report on so we readily agreed to a CO2 eye treatment right away. Feeling ragged out after a night of little sleep we figured “why not?”

After our eyelids were cleaned with rubbing alcohol, Yan Trokelmade a few quick injections (stung a bit) right above and below the sides of our eyes. Immediately, the skin around out peepers (so we were told, our eyes were closed) blew up/inflated BIG TIME…and man it felt like someone slugged us…as the new pressure, courtesy of the injected CO2 around our eyeballs- really hurt.

Fortunately, as the CO2 dissipated (about 3-5 minutes later) we only had a mild head aching feeling, which went away too. And Yan Trokel told us that the back of the legs (for cellulite treatments) are the most sensitive…

After 20 minutes we were good to go (no real downtime). So did we see any improvements-the next day---when we figured the CO2 was long gone?
Under our eyes (outer corners) did look a bit smoother-but we finally have some sleep. Then again, we did not have a series of treatments that are really needed for visible results.

There are compelling before and after shots at Yan Trokeloffice…and we think CarboxyTherapy should be added to anyone’s list of treatment options to THOROUGHLY explore. To date, we don’t know of any hard clinically based (in the USA), scientific studies that anoint CarboxyTherapy with a nod of approval over other procedures. So as with anything, we think everyone needs to do his/her own homework as there are positives and negatives to all non-invasive treatments, including this one.

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The price for the treatment is $250.00 per area per treatment. An area is considered as the thighs, face, abdomen, or any other general area. Package prices (six for $1500) are available as RioBlush treatments are effective as a series. The price for a package also includes complimentary treatment at the end of the package.

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