Quit Smoking with Self Hypnosis


Self hypnosis can give you the extra motivational boost that you need in order to free yourself from the clutches of cigarette dependence. Because nicotine is such a powerfully addictive substance, it can be almost impossible to imagine yourself quitting for good. However, with the help of a self hypnosis program, you can overcome your craving for cigarettes.

The financial incentive is one reason why many smokers want to quit. Although a single pack of cigarettes isnít expensive, the amount that smokers spend on their drug of choice over the course of a year averages several hundred dollars, and a pack a day smoker can spend nearly two thousand dollars a year on cigarettes. By quitting smoking with the help of self hypnosis, you can keep this money in your pocket instead of shelling it out to tobacco companies. If you start a savings account using only the money you save by quitting smoking, financial experts calculate that that single account can gain enough interest to allow you to retire with over two hundred thousand extra dollars! When you turn to self hypnosis to help you quit smoking, you are making an important investment in your future.

Many people are consciously determined to quit smoking, but still falter and end up picking up the lighter after just a few days because they still secretly want to continue to smoke. When you use self hypnosis, you reprogram your subconscious and unconscious mind in order to completely eradicate your deep-seated desire to smoke. Old habits die hard, and many people who smoke regularly see cigarettes as an important part of their identity. Through self hypnosis, you can change the way that you think about yourself and your relationship to cigarettes. Self hypnosis can free you to put down the butts once and for all.

Cigarettes act as a stimulant, which can make them feel like they give you a boost of energy that helps you through the day. However, studies suggest that smoking actually negatively impacts your physical vitality and your sense of well being. Through self hypnosis, you can put down cigarettes forever and teach yourself to adopt healthier habits that will give you the lasting energy you want, and a more positive outlook on life. Self hypnosis can help you welcome each day with a smile instead of with a desperate need to light up for the first smoke of the day.

Through self hypnosis, you can train yourself to overcome cravings and stop relapses in their tracks. Practicing self hypnosis can help you reinvent yourself as a healthy, happy nonsmoker with plenty of extra cash. Self hypnosis allows you to gain control over your habits and desires. Instead of being a slave to nicotine, you will be free to make your own decisions and pursue a future without cigarettes. Using self hypnosis to motivate you to quit smoking, and to stay off cigarettes no matter what future temptations may be in store, can be the best decision youíve ever made for your happiness, your health, and your wallet.

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