Quinine Sulfate for Restless Leg Syndrome

By: Aden Moore

Many of us in our day to day life suffer from various kinds of pains due to our hectic lifestyle, be it muscle pain, back pain, neck pain etc. Few of these pains are caused due to contraction of muscles in our body which is referred to as a cramp. It can cause pain in any part of the body.

What are cramps and what can cause them?
Cramps are simply muscle contractions in any part of the body. When a muscle contracts, it causes pain which can last from few seconds, minutes to even few hours. In extreme cases, it can last for even longer durations. Cramps can be caused by exercising, stretching or any rigorous activity which can cause the muscles to stretch beyond their flexible point. The most common of all is the leg cramp. In fewer cases, cramps can also be caused due to some medicines, hormonal changes and vitamin deficiency. Cramping of the muscles is more common in older people due to reduced activity.

Can cramps be avoided?
Yes, in most of the common cases where there is leg cramping, it can be prevented or avoided by stretching the stiff muscles before and after exercising. A sportsperson who does a good amount of exercise should drink lots of water especially after exercising or finishing the sport to keep them well hydrated.

Is there any medicine to avoid muscle Cramps?
The best way to do away with cramps in muscles is to stretch out the muscles often, keep yourself hydrated, watch your weight, check on the side effects of any medicines that you are having that might cause cramps.

The medicine that is available and widely used to treat cramps is Quinine Sulphate. It is a prescription medicine available only with a valid prescription from your doctor. It relieves the pain by preventing the involuntary contraction of the muscles. Though this is the most widely and possibly the only drug available and used for muscle spasm, it has its own side effects and warnings.

People can buy Quinine Sulphate for treating Malaria as well. It works well in the injection form for treating patients suffering from Malaria. However, in both the cases, one must consult his doctor before finally going in for this drug.

Quinine Sulphate (Qualaquin) is used to treat muscle cramps and Malaria and is available at local store and is also available at Canadian Online Pharmacy.

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