Quick and Easy Ways to Learn More About Popular Jazz Musicians

By: Chung Khoury

Jazz is a very beloved genre of music, in fact, many would cite that it was the jazz music of the 1920's and 1930's that gave the true inspiration for some of the popular music we have today such as hip hop and rap. Yet still, jazz is not quite exactly very mainstream for many people.
But, there is an easy way to solve that. It doesn't take much time learning about and listening to jazz music for many of the people who never knew much about it before to begin to fall in love with the sound and the feel of jazz.
The best way to expose yourself to jazz is by listening to the music. There are, of course, a number of ways to accomplish this. The first is pretty simple, finding a local jazz station on the radio. Many larger cities will have a jazz channel, or perhaps a public radio station that does a specific jazz hour, which is a great way to learn.
Another tip is to go out and find jazz bands playing live. This will provide a fantastic experience and get a true feel of the beauty of the music. Many towns will have a small jazz ensemble that play monthly, or even weekly at local establishments such as a bar or night club. By following some local groups it is easy to learn a lot about jazz and get into it becoming a real hobby.
A final tip for learning more about jazz is to attend a jazz or music festival. There are many places around the country such as New Orleans, Newport, Rhode Island and Portland, Oregon that host large yearly jazz events which end up drawing thousands of people from around the world to experience a full weekend of fantastic jazz music.
By taking the time to start understanding and appreciating jazz, it is easy to start wanting to learn much more about it. Another easy way to learn more about jazz is to buy a few Jazz CDs of some of the true legends of jazz. Amazing jazz musicians that have lasted through the ages and still remain popular would be Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman.
Each of these very popular musicians have amassed such a large number of pieces that they have a number of Jazz Music Collections each. These collections are a perfect place to start learning about jazz. By picking someone who has achieved world wide acclaim such as Benny Goodman, someone who is interested in learning about jazz will be able to have an excellent jazz education.
By the end of a few weeks of listening to jazz, it is going to be pretty easy to become a true and loyal fan of the music and steadily grow a collection of jazz CDs. From there, it is simple to find other quality jazz musicians, both old and new who play this wonderful and special form of music that is really enjoyed all over the world.

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