Quick Skincare With Two-In-One Products

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No matter what your skin type or what skin ailments you suffer from, there is in infinite number of product combinations you could put on your face on any given day. It could take hours to apply every product in your arsenal, if you allowed it! Since you probably donít have hours to slap moisturizers and skin lotions and anti-wrinkle treatments onto your skin, here are a few ways you can cut time out of your daily routine by switching to products that accomplish multiple tasks.

Nowadays itís very easy to find products that do multiple things. Even if the container doesnít promote its contentsí two-in-one capabilities, you can usually determine if a product pulls double duty by taking a quick glance at the packaging.

Sun Protection + Moisturizer
You can still find plenty of moisturizers that can be purchased sans sunscreen, and these options are perfect for evening use, after youíve washed your face and are readying for bed. After all, you donít need sun protection while you sleep! But when you apply face moisturizer in the morning, choosing an option that contains SPF can eliminate a step from your morning routine.

Facial Cleanser + Exfoliant
While thereís no real need to exfoliate every day, choosing a face wash with exfoliating beads makes the process super simple. Whether you choose to exfoliate once or twice a week, you can reduce the amount of time it takes when you donít have to cleanse your face separately. A word of caution, if you have adult acne: do not use a grainy exfoliant, as it can irritate your skin. Instead, exfoliate with a soft washcloth.

Moisturizer + Makeup
If you dread the thought of taking time to apply makeup every morning, but still like the way you look when youíre all done up, tinted moisturizers may be your new best friend. They provide light coverage in a tone that matches your skin like makeup, while still providing hydration and relieving dryness.

Acne Treatment + Moisturizer
Acne is often mistaken as being caused by skin creams, when in fact itís the skinís natural oil that clogs pores. Even acne-prone skin requires hydration, especially when drying acne treatments are in use. For this reason, you can find moisturizers that are oil-free, or used in conjunction with acne skin care systems, to prevent additional problems due to dryness.

Sunburn Reducer + Skin Relief
When you need to heal a sunburn, jagged and dry skin is only one of your concerns. The other is the hot pain you get at the burn location. A sunburn healing gel that contains aloe relieves pain by cooling the burn, while also providing hydration and allowing the skin to repair itself.

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