Quick Home Makeover with Quality Painting in Northern VA

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Of course you know thereís only 24 hours in a day. Youíve known it since you were in grade school, just like most people the world over. Nevertheless, ever since you became a mother you found yourself wishing there was more. And why wouldnít you? There just seems to be an endless list of things to do that, more often than not, 24 hours is not enough, particularly for a recently divorced parent like yourself.

Being a mother spells out the epitome of multitasking in itself. You have to prepare breakfast while making sure the little ones donít forget anything for school. You cook dinner while helping your five-year-old twin girls with their homework, and wash dishes after as you catch up with your twelve-year-old young man. While having TV in the background, you would usually do the meal planner for the week or do household inventory. Of course, you also need to do the laundry, handle minor home repairs, take care of the pets Ė a Labrador and a Persian cat, and dabble on gardening and yard work.

And yes, on top of everything else, youíre holding down a full-time job as an associate marketing executive for a multinational advertising firm.

Itís a given fact that itís difficult enough being a parent. If you have to be a single parent, the difficulties you have to face multiply a thousand fold. You consider yourself fortunate that you and your ex-husband didnít divorce on bad terms, like a lot of couples do. After more than 10 years of marriage, you both just realized that you had different values, different goals, and that the best decision for the family is for you to divorce.

Your son understood the implications, and you feel very blessed that heís been very supportive throughout the whole process. Your little girls, though, were another matter. It definitely took some time for them to reconcile with the fact that their dad was not coming home anymore, and they will only see him once a week. After a while, though, they adjusted to the new setup, and now things are running smoothly.

Well, except for the fact that your house usually looks more chaotic and worn out than youíre actually comfortable with. But what else can you do? You have your hands full as soon as the alarm clock chimes before six in the morning, and youíre up until well after midnight. If you really think about it, though, thereís no need to do everything yourself.

Thatís where quality handyman services in Northern VA come into play. You can easily hire good painters in Prince William County and painters in Woodbridge to handle the facade of the house, the living room, or maybe the guest rooms. Youíd be surprise what a few gallons of paint can do. Then if you still have budget to space, you can look into affordable housewashing in Northern VA. Hereís an idea: while the contractors are doing the work, why not put your feet up for a change? You definitely deserve to relax Ė even if itís for just a few hours.

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