Put your MLM Lead Generation On Steroids for Maximum Article Marketing Success

By: Dave Schlueter

Among top priorities for online MLM marketer the topic of cheap, reliable, high quality leads always seems to top the list. People want leads, they want reaching impact, they want the maximum output from input in, and they don't want to go broke accomplishing this.. Attraction marketing with Article Marketing at its core is one of the most reliable, economical, and lasting impact strategies in all of network marketing for achieving the goal of perpetual MLM lead generation in your business. The real question then is how to turbo-charge this process for maximum results? How do we get this process to produce the top search rank positions we want for maximum success? This article begins to scratch the surface of this subject and provides a link to the full seminar training on how a six figure earner uses this exact strategy to dominate the search engines.

The majority of online activity begins with a search:
" Search Engines - Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
" Video Sites - You Tube
" Forums and Social Media Sites

The 1st necessary requirement is to make it extremely easy for the search engines to decipher what your article content is about.
" Be sure to include your search term or search phrase you are trying to rank for in your title
" Be sure to include your term or phrase in the main body of your article at least several times
" When using graphics or photos be sure to mention you keyword in the caption or graphic titles

Lesson#2 How is it then that the search engines decide where to rank your article marketing content?
" Authority
" Incoming Link Factors
" Page Rank

Authority Sites: Authority sites are those sites that have been around for some time on the web and have established Authority with the search engines through many searches, plenty of available content, high traffic rates, plenty of user interaction, age and trust. These are sites such as You Tube, Ezine-articles, Linkdn, etc..

Link Data: The more links usually the better in this arena. But this is not always the given rule. Higher quality links hold greater clout with the engines. Higher quality links are those that come from higher ranked sites that are on target with your search criteria and have greater popularity. In this way all links are not created equal and one can win the popularity contest with fewer high quality links than with many low quality links.

Page Rank: This is a number assigned to a website and it is based a huge multiple of factors deemed important by the search engines. In short, what page rank means to you is the higher the number the greater the emphasis a search engine places on content on that site. It becomes easier to rank that content and the search engines will pay you a visit on a more frequent basis.

How do we take advantage of this information and put our article marketing strategy on overdrive?

What it means is that we should start by placing our article on an authority site to start with rather than our own site. The authority site we choose should also already be ranking content for this term already, and then we should focus our back-linking efforts to point to that content for maximum effectiveness. . This takes article marketing to a new level to start with and then with a proper back-linking program will drive that content to the top of the search pile. Learn and implement this strategy and drive your targeted search engine article marketing campaigns to the front page of search engines near you.

The Bare Bones Basics:
" Create Relevant Content
" Tailor that Content to one Relevant Search Term or Phrase
" Post Content to a ranking Authority Site
" Employ Back-linking Strategy to Page
" Out link the competition

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These are the bare basics to this Article Marketing MLM lead generation strategy and alone this can significantly increase your campaign effectiveness, but to really get the complete training and put the whole process on steroids and auto-pilot you’re going to want to get the whole free training on this subject. To dominate the search engines with this strategy come get more information at Please Rate this Article


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