Publishing Your Opt-In Email Marketing

By: David T.

The sanctity of the opt-in is something that should never be violated. Opt-in email marketing is safe for businesses and customers alike for this very reason. These emails are anticipated and asked for, they aren't spam, and any time a person changes their mind about the experience, they can easily unsubscribe from the newsletter. It makes email marketing what it is. So, if you are sending out an email newsletter, you obviously want to adhere to your opt-in procedures. What this does mean is that you need to find ways to entice others to sign up for your newsletter so that you can grow your campaign and your business. There are a few ways that this can happen - certainly existing customers providing word of mouth is helpful, inviting new customers to sign up for your newsletter is fairly successful, and having a sign-up button for your newsletter on your website is another.

Posting email newsletters to the Internet after you send them is a practice that many people engage in for search engine optimization reasons. When you post your email newsletter online, you also increase the number of specific searches (as opposed to keyword searches) that bring people to you. For example, let's say that you run a fishing supply store in Town X and you offer guided tours in your area. You have likely optimized your website for related phrases, from "fishing tours Town X" to "fly fishing ties" to "tackle" to bring desirable traffic to your door. Specific searches are not going to be people typing "tackle" into their search bar, but rather the times that people type "what is the best way to catch a catfish" into their search bar. You might have a fair bit of content on your site designed to capture such traffic, and you can have even more of this kind of content online when you publish your email newsletters.

The very how-to and tips that your newsletter readers love for their helpful nature can help you to get new readers interested. When their search for the best way to catch a catfish brings them to a newsletter column entitled "the Best Way to Catch Catfish" that offers that very information, some might be inclined to sign up for the newsletter in hopes of getting more such advice. Others will click a few links and find themselves shopping on your website or bookmarking it for the future.

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Opt-in email marketing is all about the select group who has opted in to receiving your communications. With each email newsletter that you send out, you can bring more people into the fold of your email marketing campaign by posting your newsletter online. MyNewsletterBuilder makes this entire process possible.

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