Ptz Camera Security

By: Mel Joelle

PTZ camera security is the use of a PTZ camera either alone or with other cameras in a system to provide surveillance and security coverage. A PTZ camera is capable of Panning, Tilting, and Zooming.

“Panning” is the horizontal movement or the rotation of a camera about a fixed point. Simply put, panning is the ability to scan a subject horizontally or “left and right.”

Panning does not only apply to moving objects. For security cameras, panning provides the advantage of scanning both moving objects and large field of view areas, such as parking lots or industrial areas, with only one camera instead of many.

“Tilting” the camera is like panning; however the camera movement is vertical, not horizontal. Security cameras can use this function to their advantage to scan vertical fields of view, such as rooftops, outdoor structures, and other tall subjects. The camera movement can best be thought of as an “up and down” action.

“Zooming” is the ability to “close in” or enlarge a subject within a given field of view. For example, a car parked several hundred feet away from you is large enough to see, however the license plate is not. A camera with the proper lenses can magnify the size of the license plate until it is large enough to fill most of the field of view so that the numbers can even be read on the license plate. Changing the view from the entire automobile to a close-up of the license plate is an example of zooming.

PTZ camera security has the ability to perform all three dynamic functions, panning, tilting, and zooming. A single PTZ camera can do the job that might normally take several “fixed” cameras that cannot pan, tilt, and zoom. Therefore they can save on installation cost and time in addition to the cost of several cameras. Older model PTZ cameras were usually controlled manually using levers, buttons, and such. Newer model cameras can be controlled manually as well, but most can also be “programmed” to be automatic.

While PTZ camera security is economical in regard to multiple camera costs, AUTOMATIC PTZ cameras are even more economical by reducing the need for an individual to control the movements of the camera. Automatic PTZ cameras can perform auto-tracking functions based on a particular motion speed, object size, grey levels, designated area, or a combination of these. They are excellent for use in unattended locations such as parking lots, train stations, public areas, car dealerships, factories, schools, airports, and boating docks to name a few.

Here are some examples of how to benefit from PTZ camera security based on some of the more common security/surveillance settings:

Use the PTZ camera to scan large areas or provide perimeter coverage based on a designated area.

Use automatic motion detection to pan, tilt, and/or zoom to follow activity in otherwise inactive areas. For example, in a secured, no trespassing area, the motion of an individual can alert the camera to pan/tilt/zoom to follow the trespasser, identify them, and focus on their activity.

Use automatic motion detection to pan, tilt, and zoom on activity in a parking area. Using the correct settings, the camera can detect and follow the presence of a potential auto-theft, including zooming in on the specific method used to break entry to the vehicle.

Use PTZ camera security to conserve on storage resources. Some systems have the ability to use relatively low frame rates for idle activity, but upon motion detection can change the frame rate to provide higher quality video on demand.

Use automatic motion speed detection to ignore slow moving objects (i.e. pedestrians) but concentrate on faster moving objects (i.e. vehicle traffic).

Use PTZ camera security for large building coverage, especially outdoors.

Use automatic PTZ set to object size to focus on specific industrial equipment or unattended utility areas.

There are many other potential uses for an automatic PTZ camera when hands-on monitoring is not practical. Remember too, that the automatic function of the PTZ camera is normally controlled by the system to which it is connected. Therefore, the automatic function of the PTZ camera is usually only as good as the system that controls it. Be certain to purchase a system that meets your specific needs.

If you have any questions concerning PTZ camera security contact one of our security experts via on-line Live Chat or by telephone at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6 PM.

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