Psychological consequences of Gynecomastia

By: Caleb Lee..

Gynecomastia, commonly know as ?man boobs? is a medical condition found among men, where in the sufferer has enlarged breasts like women. Since this ailment is related to physical appearance, men having it often feel embarrassed in front of others. They often feel they are being stared at or laughed at.

Since the condition is often associated with puberty, it becomes even more serious in young boys because the chances of being teased in school are more. They feel ashamed and humiliated because they cannot perform activities like swimming, going to the beach, going to the gym and other similar things. This is emotionally very disturbing and can lead to depression in some cases.

A Gynecomastia patient can be relieved from the mental stress and depression. Friends and family members definitely do play a role in this. Friends and family members can discuss the problems with the Gynecomastia patient in order to bring relief to his agonies. A Gynecomastia patient feels lonely and confines himself in solitude. Therefore if his family and friends can help him then it will be a great moral support for the patient itself.

Some important facts about Gynecomastia are as follows:

- Gynecomastia is not a dangerous disease. Though it mainly takes place due to hormonal changes or genetic problems or due to obesity yet it is not at all harmful. Sometimes if not treated properly it can get serious.

- If the enlarged breasts are not because of obesity, then they can shrink back to their normal size as they grow. It might take 3 to 4 years.

- If tests prove that breast enlargements are due to obesity then with the help of chest burner this can be cured. Swimming can also be a great exercise in order to burn chest fat.

- What needs to be done is to make them understand that this condition is not incurable. There are gynecomastia supplements like ultimate gynemax and gynexin alpha formula that can cure it.

- If medicines and exercises don?t work, there is still one more option available and that is undergoing corrective surgery.

How friends and family members can help

- Moral support is the great support, which can work wonders. Both medicines and exercises may take time to cure the disease. You can also take the patient for therapeutic sessions.

- If emergence of man boobs is due to obesity, encourage them to take proper diet, join them in work outs. This will give them moral support.

- You can help them with choosing clothes that do not evidently portray the chest area.

- Educate the patient about the important facts of Gynecomastia. Negative guessing will give rise to more mental stress and agony. Help to surf online so that he comes to know more about the facts.

- Encourage socialization. The more the patient socializes the more he gains self-confidence.

Gynecomastia supplements take time to show desired results. Surgeries should be avoided as they are expensive and also leave scars after it is done. After Gynecomastia is cured the patient should be given enough time to come out of the traumatic situation.

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