Protect your Buildings: Maintenance

By: Peter Kerr

A building is a big investment and practicing good building maintenance at the very beginning is the key to protecting your valuable asset. Nothing looks worse than a crumbling building in disrepair. A lot of people let their buildings go far too long before practicing good maintenance. By that time it is too late to reverse the effects of age and use and preventative maintenance is no longer a possibility. At some point full renovations are required and that can cost many times more than what a pm program would have cost over time.
But before you seal the deal on a building, you should make sure your building maintenance program is in place. A landscaping program, cleaning schedule and annual checkup should be in place along with a budget to go along with it. Always calculate in the cost of maintenance before finalizing a building business deal. If you do that you won't have to worry about the mammoth unexpected cost later down the track.
And, since you have already factored maintenance costs in, you never have to worry about being short on maintenance dollars. That is where a lot of building owners get trapped. They don't calculate sufficiently for maintenance when they are budgeting for their building purchase. Then they end up behind the eight ball and the building starts disintegrating.
Building maintenance can involve all sorts of things. One of the more important things is making sure that all of your systems are well taken care of. Probably the most expensive of repairs is the capital and structural repairs. Minor things such as electrical systems and boilers should be checked out on a regular basis and any little problems should be fixed as they happen. . Always fix problems fully and correctly, never just "patch it up". Keeping one step ahead of problems is the secret to any long lasting building.
Looking after the painting and landscape are also important building maintenance problems. Especially when it comes to buildings looking good. You want to give people a good impression of not only your building but of you as the owner. Whatever needs to be done to keep the structure looking good should be done and if it is done on a regular basis then the workload will be smaller and of course a lower cost than if you let it go for a long period of time. Looking after your property regularly is the secret to maintaining the value of your asset now and into the future.

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