Protect Your Coastal House From Roof Deterioration

By: Hubert Miles

Algae is one of the leading causes of roof damage and shingle deterioration. As green and black algae forms on your roof, it shortens the lifespan of the shingles leading to premature roof replacement. Coastal houses are very vulnerable to roof problems due to factors that inland houses do not face like salt air and ocean breezes.
Is Fungus Safe
Commonly called fungus, algae create unsightly dark brown, green or black streaking on shingles. Sometimes these streaks are mistaken for soot, dirt, moss or tree droppings. While regions with sustained humidity and moisture tend to be most at risk, people who live in all parts of the nation with roofs made from all sorts of materials are susceptible to moss and algae accumulation. In fact, all algae need to survive and thrive are air, water and a food source.
Cleaning Verses Replacement
There are products available that will allow you to clean your roof. If you choose to clean your roof, don't use bleach. Rather try a more environmentally friendly cleaner that is won't kill your plants and damage the environment. Also, never pressure wash your roof. Pressure washing washes away the granules that protect the shingle from wear. You can also buy high quality shingles that have a algae-resistant barrier built-in. The algae-resistant barrier protects the shingles from streaks caused by algae. CertainTeed produces an asphalt shingle with an algae-resistant Streak-Fighter feature in the shingle.
In Closing
Check your roof regularly for steaks from algae. When you see they are starting to develop, it's time to get it cleaned. Purchase a roof cleaning product to clean your roof or hire a roofing professional who can do this for you. When it becomes time to replace the roofing shingles, check out your options for a shingle with algae protection.

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Hubert Miles is the founder of Waterfront Houses USA, an online marketing service that provides Coastal Houses and Coast Houses For Sale in the US and Canada.

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