Pros and Cons of Using a Sex Dam

By: Cathy Hampton

So, you’re about to have oral sex if your partner, and you’re having reservations about how safe and hygienic it would be to place your mouth on your partner’s genitals. Well, if you’re about to perform cunnilingus or anilingus on your partner, and you don’t feel 100% comfortable about the act, then you should consider using a sex dam when going down on your partner.

In the past, oral sex was safer to perform on men because they could wear condoms, and transmission of the sperm from the man to the performer of the oral sex act could be prevented. However, if you wanted to perform oral sex on your partner’s vagina or anus with the same kind of safety net, you were pretty much out of luck, until the “invention” of the sex dam came along.

Sex dams weren’t actually made specifically as sex paraphernalia; they are actually made to be used as dental tools. They are placed on the mouth to prevent contamination during dental surgical procedures. These days, more and more adventurous couples are using these dams as a way to have safe oral sex with their partners.

There are several advantages to using sex dams during oral sex. They are easy to find, cheap, and can be bought over the counter at almost any well-stocked drugstore. They’re very easy to use: just place the sex dam over your partner’s vagina or anus, and get to oral pleasuring! What’s more, you can use them on both men and women. Since they are very thin, they don’t get in the way of your oral sex, so you might even forget that you’re wearing one.

There are also several disadvantages that you will encounter when you are using a sex dam. Since they don’t have any way to be secured, you will need to be mindful of your sex dam while you are having oral sex, otherwise, it might slip off your partner’s genitals. You will also need to use a water-based lubricant when using a sex dam. Most sex dams are made from latex, and using an oil-based lubricant may damage the latex surface of your sex dam. If you find that you’re allergic to latex, there are also silicon sex dams that are available for purchase, although they might be more expensive and harder to find. Using a lubricant is a must whether you’re using silicon or latex, since repeated rubbing of latex or silicon on skin may be irritating or even painful. Also, people who use sex dams for the first time might find the experience unsettling or even uncomfortable.

The thing that you really need to keep in mind is that, no matter the small inconveniences you will encounter, your tradeoff would be that you can have peace of mind during oral sex. You can enjoy the act even more if you’re not worrying about what kind of diseases or illnesses you can pick up, and you can connect with your partner on a deeper level.

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