Properties and Uses of Toughened glass


Now- a-days, almost all the offices are using a glass with higher strength for placing their trophies, high expensive display pieces etc. It is nothing but toughened glass also known as tempered glass, which is made by controlling both the thermal and chemical treatments to increase the strength compared to normal glass. It can hold high weight objects. When this glass is broken, the broken particles will be very smaller and it won’t hurt much. It is very safer to use for modern applications. It can withstand higher and varying temperatures. All the cabinets are designed with this glass, as it is 4-5 times tougher than the regular glass. It can hold up to 23.5kg of spread weight. It is manufactured from the annealed glass through thermal tempering process. This is taken to a furnace and heated at about 720 °C which is then cooled using forced air drafts.


Compared to regular glass, the toughened glass is bodily and thermally tough. The compressive stress is the major factor that gives high strength to toughened glass. High contraction is applied for the inner layers of the glass. The glass is toughened first, followed by washing and drying. For the broken particles to be smaller, the surface stress should be more. Though the toughened glass is stronger, the annealed glass is much stronger than this which is susceptible to scratching. To overcome this, various type of coatings are being applied on its surface. To define a glass to be toughened glass, there are certain tests conducted for this to pass. It includes impact test, thermal tests, sand blast abrasion etc.


There are several uses for toughened glass in commercial applications compared to normal glass. This importance is mainly due to its toughness. This can be used for building Display cabinets, trophy cabinets, and trophy cases. Without any fear, you can place expensive, heavier display objects or trophies in display or trophy cabinets. It is used in glass escalators, table tops, sliding doors etc. This is best used for bullet proof cars which are really suggestible to protect themselves from major accidents. When a regular glass is used, the damage is higher and it may results in death of people which can be overcome by using this toughened glass. In several countries, there is this fixed thickness concepts for car windscreens. The toughened glass is also available in various colours, which when used in interior decors gives a glossy and elegant look. This will be very impressive and attractive. It is also used in frameless doors, physically loaded applications, and for cooking & baking as well.


The main advantage of the toughed glass is its strength which in turn provides high safety. Because of the inner thermal which is applied makes it stronger. It guarantees the reduction of injury risk due to glass shards. Ease of cleaning and less maintenance is added advantage. There are two varieties of toughened glass are available in market. The heat strengthened and the fully tempered one. The heat strengthened toughened glass is well known for its strength and durability, on the other hand the fully tempered toughened glass is known for its heat resistance. The breakage will be very less for this glass. The glass stiffness cannot be changed due to tempering process. With increase of transportation facilities, this products demand is growing day by day.


Apart from advantages, there will be disadvantages too. Utmost care has to be taken for while manufacturing this. As the temperature is raised to higher range, proper security has to be provided for staff and workers as the glass tendency leaves shards. If there is a breakage at the edges of glass, then the glass is most damage prone.

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