Proper Supplementation, Efficient Workouts

By: Peter Roseberg

It's important you're choosing the right supplements to cover for your workout program. One of the first mistakes novice bodybuilders make is to wing it when it comes to combining elements in supplementation. Brands are formulated in a variety of ways, and these are also meant to be taken at different stages of a workout session. Some supplements intend to cover for gaps in general nutrition. The hard truth is diet alone can't provide for all the nutrients your body needs to take on intense exercises; synthesized nutrients compensate accordingly. The dilemma is in knowing which supplement works for you, which will help you achieve your workout goals.

Everything You Need Is on the Ingredient List

You can't just pop capsules, drink servings of shakes and expect satisfactory results. It's all about the ingredient list. Check out the labels in search of the right components, in the right formulations. In many cases, some components are present in different ingredients, and there's only so much you can take before the overdose. This is particularly true with stimulants. Caffeine is a potent substance which enhances focus and strength, but when taken beyond the recommended amounts leads to jitters, heart palpitations, or worse.

The Disadvantage of Developed Tolerance

Your body also gets accustomed to the concentrations, developing a tolerance which is only overcome by taking higher dosages and increasing the serving amount. The gradual overdose eventually compromises health, counterproductive to your workout goals. Tolerance is inevitable in supplementation, and the best way to avoid it is to alternate intake between brands with different formulations. You can also wean yourself off certain supplements to reset your tolerance to the minimum. Many bodybuilders stay away from pre-workout supplements after a couple of months' use. This is also the ideal way to go if you want to avoid dreaded workout plateaus.

Safety Comes First

Safety is the priority in anything that involves your health, and this is especially applicable to supplementation. Make sure the ingredient list involves components cleared for safety by your local food and drug authorities. Some manufacturers try to sneak in questionable ingredients, practically steroids and prohibited drugs. Your responsibility is to be aware of these ingredients and ensure they're not part of your supplement program. This is easier said than done when many brands offer components coined as "proprietary" blends of ingredients. Unfortunately, the nature and concentration of these ingredients aren't really revealed, to your disadvantage.

Purchasing from the Right Sources

You have to order supplements from the right sources to ensure better quality. It's fortunate that credible suppliers outnumber the shady ones, particularly in online resellers. The last thing you want to buy is a cheap knock-off of the real thing. Supplements are easy to fake, with substandard ingredients and in formulations that fall short of the amount indicated on the label. Make sure your supplier or store is recognized by regulating agencies, your purchases backed by guarantees of safety and potency. You can visit and check out Cellucor C4 Extreme, choose supplier with enough market credibility and with an extensive product catalog to boot. Maximize your workout's progress by pairing supplements with your diet and exercise.

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