Proper Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

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When we talk about lawn mower, we refer fundamentally to two available models in the market, known to most homeowners: one is called the rotary and the other is the engine model.
Rotary Model Maintenance
The rotary is a manual model very common in many households. This model has the advantage of having very simple maintenance. The secret of the rotary model maintenance is to keep the blades clean and sharp. When you mow your lawn, the blades come into contact not only with grass but with organic matter, dirt, eventually garbage or stones. Check the blades after every mowing, find if they are too dirty, or damaged. Proceed to clean them before storing the lawn mower and if there is a damage, repair or replace.
The rotary mechanism has to be maintained and checked frequently, especially in spring and summer. Oiling the rotary mechanism is important, don't disregard this point in lawn care mower maintenance routine. Try to avoid any possible trouble to your lawn mower, like dust, rust, dirt in excess and stone, the last can seriously damage the mechanism and maybe calls for a replacement.
Engine Type Lawn Mower Maintenance
Engine type lawn mower has its rule and have to be followed to extend the life span of your lawn mower. Basically, check out if you are using the type of fuel or gas that is recommended for your lawn mower. Check it in the owner's manual and make sure you are using it. Remember that using something cheaper could look nice but can hurt your mower after a time. Check out air filter and spark control. These may need renewal every now and then, and specially when the heat months require frequent mowing.
Remember to sharpen your blades according to the necessity. Grass has to be well cut, not ripped off, so the blades should be in contrition. If you cannot sharpen the blades, call a professional.
Be it your equipment manual rotary or engine type, remember to tighten the nut and bolts, otherwise the blades come loose and it is dangerous.
Safe work is part of your lawn tractor maintenance routine. Never risk your hands, eyes or any part of your body when repairing or maintaining your lawn tractor. Don't underrate risk.
Now you have the basic lawn mower maintenance tips, and you see the simplicity to maintain the lawn mower and extend its practical life are really your allies. Benefit from it without delaying.
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