Promotional Products - What are they and how can they help

By: Bree C Robbins

A promotional product is an item, that a company gives away to assist in increasing there brand awareness in the public view. These items are things such as Pens, Embroidered Jackets, Compendiums, Tote Bags, or Novelty Gifts, you would have some of these your self.

The concept behind this is that a new business has to get their name out there somehow and promotional products help potential customers remember you and expose your company's name to others.

For example, if you hand out a Compendium to a client who does a lot of business travel, not only does this help that client to appreciate and remember your company, but every one of the people who use or see the Compendium also gain exposure to your company, this assisting in brand recognition. If you give out an Embroidered Jacket and that individual wears that jacket to the local shopping centre or is in the news or wearing it, every person that sees that individual wearing that Jacket is now a new potential customer for your company.

So what this really means is that a Promotional Product doesn't just give one exposure like and advertisement in a newspaper does, this means that your company gets substantially more exposure from one item. The more Promotional Products you can give away to clients and customers, the more you increase your company exposure within the community.

Facts provided by the Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) demonstrate the lasting impact that Promotional Products have:

When surveying business travelers at a local airport, APPA learned that over 70% of them had been given a promotional product of some kind within the last year.

They also found that over 30% of those people they actually had the promotional product with them right there and then! These people were actively using, or at least carrying, the Promotional Product they had been given. The promotional product utilized time and time again, not simply tossed to the side or thrown away.

Within this same group of business travelers, over 50% had kept the promotional product they were given for more than a Year. So not only did they keep the product and use it frequently where people could see it but they kept it for over 12 Months.

When APPA inquired they found that almost 75% of people kept the Promotional Product for the 12 months did so because it was Useful to them.

All of these facts found by the APPA help make the case for the effectiveness of promotional products. These findings help relieve a common fear among small business owners that their hard earned marketing budget may be wasted when recipients simply forget about the promo products or throw them away. More likely, the promotional product will either be used by the recipient or given to someone else who will use it (thereby achieving the same result.)

With such a large percentage of those promotional products being used for more than a year, a promotional Pen, Embroidered Jacket, Compendium, Tote Bag, or Novelty Gift can be found at prices that can suit any budget, this is a fantastic marketing strategy that has been proven to assist you to get your company name recognized a small price.

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About the Author: Bree C Robbins Founder and director of Promo Products With Bree this company specializes in high standard Promotional Products looking after clients needs Australia Wide

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