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New York is a hive of business activity. It moves at a frenetic pace and everyone has somewhere to go and something to do. Catching someone’s attention in this scenario could be quite a challenge. Compounding the problem is the fact that you are only one of a million businesses trying to attract customers.

How to Attract Attention

The first step in attracting customers is to attract their attention, even if is just briefly and in passing. The belief is that if a customer sees your logo often enough, they are likely to buy your product when they next see it on a shelf. Printing in advertising has now come into its own. There are so many media on which to print, each with its own advantages and disadvantages and of courses its own cost.

Banner advertising is a good publicity medium to consider when you want to attract attention. They create quite a splash and are prominent and difficult to miss. Physical banners come in varying materials with differing costs. At the bottom of the line are the simple cloth banners which are comparatively cheap banners and easy to produce. However they are not very durable or attractive. Vinyl banners are a much better option to consider. They are more durable, could be reused and the colours and printing quality is much better. The negative is the cost.

Timing and Position is Crucial

When planning an advertising or promotional campaign, you first need to design it. Answer the questions – What am I trying to promote? Who am I trying to promote it to? Where are the people I am trying to promote to? How can I catch their attention? How much can I spend? There are so many questions to answer but timing and position are most important for success.

When hanging up vinyl banners for promotion, you need to start hanging them up a couple of days before the launch of your business product. You could have teasers printed on them, to create interest and attract attention. Let your banners clearly state when and where your product will be launched so that your customers get that key information immediately.

Where to hang your banners is the next key question. Hang them in areas where most of your customers are passing through. Try and hang them in areas where they are not harassed and preoccupied. So downtown office areas where they are rushing around or where your banners are competing with a million others would not be a good idea.

Banner advertising is only one medium of advertising. To have an advertising blitz it needs to be used in conjunction with advertisements in other media as well.

Banners for Attention

Now to ensure that you banners are effective at grabbing attention, make them attractive and tasteful. Bright colours are good, but use them with discretion. Consider custom banners. The sheer difference of them will get attention. Make your messages concise. A couple of salient product features, where they will be available and when. You may consider adding a graphic or two. Remember to keep your banners clutter free.

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